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Boracay, Philippines


White Sand Beaches are luxurious in their own right. Can we take a walk on the beach with our significant other and have the most fun imaginable. Why yes, yes we can. Borocay is 315 kilometers from Manila. The nightlife is what we all go for when traveling to other cities be sure to ask the locals which ones fits you. It’s Asia’s most exquisite piece paradise.
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Ariels Point
Ariel’s Point is a day trip destination on the western edge of Buruanga, toward the northern tip of Panay Island, a 40-minute ride southwest by speedboat from Boracay Island. It’s on the list of things that like any other adventure will allow us all to breathe and be kind to one another. They have a host of activities you can try, taking a trip to crocodile island its the most famous snorkelling and scuba diving spot near boracay. I thought it was a cool idea to swim with crocs instead of shark. To all its own, take a walk on the wild side. #beachiebeautyapproved

Andrea Price

Beachie Beauty Travels

All white season is in full swing. #DUBAI #jumeriah #travel


Are you planning a trip to Dubai. Come in to view a lovers destination without distractions. Move out of your comfort zone and explore a little place called Jumeriah. It’s nestled in an area where love takes you to another level. Look no further she wants you to take her on a fantastic voyage.

Enter this oasis with a day pass from one of the local hotels. Get the exclusive access to the beach from your concierge.

Here are my top five things to do in Dubai while you’re in town. Aside from the tourism and you know what I mean about that, explore the most life has to offer.

1. Top Chef Cooking Studio
Tired of dining out which can be fun too, treat yourself to a cooking class that’ll get your mind to another place. There located near the beach at 196 Jumeirah Beach Road.

2. Tao Spa
Enjoy spa services, they have facials, massages, waxing, manicure and pedicures.

3. Abalone Cove Beach
Exotic and luxurious beach with excellent bar here is your option to visit..a must go for tourist and residents of Dubai.

4. Royal Mirage Tourism
Book the private safari tour and you’ll remember it forever.

5. Fun Beach Water Sports
Jet ski tour “with absolutely friendly guide, we all enjoyed in beautiful cruise near Burj Al Arab, recommend it for all.”

Above all have a wonderful time and live your best life. #beachiebeautyapproved

Andrea Price

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Beachie Beauty Spotlight Sweet Vanilla Collection #ariyanarmani #whiteparty @ariyanarmani

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Ariyan Armani Miller CFO
Ariyan Armani Miller is the CFO “Chief Fashion Officer” of this amazing company.  She’s taking the initiative to break the glass ceiling and shatter every obstacle that has come her way.  
This young lady is setting a new standard when it comes to hard work.  Ariyan is 19 years old, a full time student at Delta College, an Executive Event Coordinator for the Best Western Hotel and now a blossoming Entrepreneur.  She’s a 3rd generation Fashionista and always had an eye for style.  
Her ability to appreciate beautiful things paved the way for her to develop a strong presence in the industry.  Stay tuned because this young business woman is just getting started.  There’s definitely a prosperous journey ahead for her as a tenacious trailblazer.  
Sweet Vanilla Collection
ARIYAN ARMANI is one of the most innovative online Fashion Boutiques the industry has seen in a long time. She’s taking a unique approach to marketing and branding.  Her motto is simple “We want our valued shoppers to feel like their apart of a movement.” 
The Signature Collections have been created to enhance the overall experience that everyone receives when they purchase a piece from their website.  Ariyan Armani’s  goal is to inspire women of all ages by providing a place for them to explore affordable fashion in a high end atmosphere. 
Upcoming Events
July 12th
The Grand Opening & Celebration is taking place at a private location and  by invitation only. RSVP here:
 For more information on how to order from this collection and others visit their website
Congrats to this young lady on being the change we wish to see. #beachiebeautyapproved
Andrea Price