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Paris, France #beachiebeautytravels #winterwonderland

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Our winter wonderland extravaganza continues with Paris, France. A go to place to live, explore and shop. Our map takes us to a fashion stop like no other. Tour the eiffel tower to get a cool view of the city. Have lunch at the one the restaurants and be in awe of its beauty at the end of the evening when it lights up.
Slow down to take a visit at the Louvre museum , while there a peak at the Mona Lisa herself is all the rave. The museum is a small cost and you can take practically all day just viewing artifacts. After you have indulged in your favorite art scheme be sure to stop for a bit to eat. They’re  plenty of eateries around to take in the sites.
Champs-Elysées in winter is magical when you want to stroll with your love one. Rick Steves one of my favorite travel guys says so. As you make your way in the city you will notice lots of shops. Be sure to visit some, and keep me in mind.
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Beachie Beauty Travels

The Oaks at OJAI @oaksspa #ojai

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The Oaks at Ojai

Pixie tangerines, the sweet, seedless, easy-to-peel orange orbs that are only grown in the Ojai Valley, Calif., have become as celebrated as the quaint town’s Pink Moment. The Oaks at Ojai destination spa embraces the tangerine for the month of April 2016 with spa-wide Pixie-infused offerings, from culinary, spa treatment and packages.


 The moment guest arrives, there will be the unmistakable “scents” that something is different. Staff dressed in tangerine colored t-shirts and a bowl overflowing with Pixies in the lobby welcome guests to The Oaks.Pixie infused water will be served in the Libbey Lounge throughout the month and baskets of Pixies throughout the property.  In fact, in 2015, Oaks guests devoured more than 7,000 pixies during Pixie month!

The Oaks at Ojai is an affordable fitness destination spa that includes overnight accommodations, three delicious and calorie-conscious meals a day designed to promote weight loss, choice of 15 fitness classes per day and evening entertainment and seminars. The Oaks offers 46 guest rooms, including private rooms and courtyard suites, double lodge rooms and double cottage rooms.  A charming 1920s hotel-turned-spa in the peaceful town of Ojai, The Oaks offers a variety of activities that allows guests to choose how to work out and take off excess weight.

New yoga shot

 Other Pixie offerings include:

Pixie tangerine seasonal scrub is a full body scrub utilizing tangerine essential oils along with fresh tangerines being squeezed into products table-side. A tangerine scrub exfoliates and the tangerine body lotion hydrates the skin.  Guests leave with a Pixie to go.

Pixie scrub-making classes will be offered as an afternoon program once or twice during the month so guests can make their own bottle of scrub to take home and enjoy.

Pixie pedicure, includes fresh Pixie juice added to the sugar scrub used on the feet and lower legs. A selection of tangerine colored lacquers is available along with many other colors. Guests leave with a Pixie to go.

Green Tangerine Dream cleansing drink with Pixie juice served daily. This dream of a drink includes tangerines, celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, ginger root, grapes and fresh mint.

Chef Christine Denney will conduct Pixie cooking demos on April 7, 16, 21 and 30 with items including Chocolate mouse infused with Pixie and all things Pixie.


Guests will enjoy special menu items and cooking demos, including Pixie salads, a Pixie cupcake with Pixie marmalade topping as a dessert, Roasted Pixie Sweet Potatoes, , Brussels Sprouts with Pixies and Balsamic Vinegar, Gluten Free Pixie Cups, Pixie infused Dark Chocolate Spa Bark and Dark Chocolate Mousse and Pixie Popsicles.
Asian salad


Retail Discounts: The Oaks’ popular Nest retail outlet offers 10 percent off on any tangerine colored items.

Giveaways: Pixie bumper stickers, a full size bottle of Pixie body lotion, a Tangerine Oaks tee shirt, and more throughout the month.

 Pixie Bingo: Most Fridays in April will feature Pixie questions.

·The Pixie package, a five-night package will include a complimentary seasonal Pixie scrub spa treatment, and the weekly All About Town history strolls will include facts about Pixies.

Oaks Hike

 Activities range from hiking, art tours, and in-line skating to guided kayaking tours, belly dancing, yoga ropes, and qi gong, in addition to other fitness classes.  A full menu of relaxing and therapeutic spa services is available as well as private consultations with a variety of health experts. 

For more information on room rates spas and more visit them on the web.

The Oaks at Ojai
122 East Ojai Avenue
Ojai, California 93023

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Beachie Beauty Travels

Hearst Castle Holiday Twilight Tour


Courtesy © Hearst Castle/CA State Parks/V. Garagliano. All Rights Reserved. ®

Hearst Castle is gearing up for their seasonal Holiday Twilight Tour and it is my fairytale come true to join in on the fun. During the holiday break starting December 19 through January 2nd you will get to experience how William Hearst enjoyed the season. As your guide dressed in their 1930’s attire takes you through Casa de Mar guest house and the grand social rooms of Casa Grande you will enjoy an array of Christmas trees two being 18′ tall and a one of a kind pointsettia tree. Over 20,000 Spanish and Italian decorative art from 14th to 17th century line the walls and estate like no other. Take a look around at the breathtaking views surrounding this beautiful architechural masterpiece while you embark on a fantastic voyage of a lifetime.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Mr. Hearst hired architect Julia Morgan to design and build Hearst Castle?

Today the property is owned and mantained by California State Parks. Be sure to stop by the fabulous Visitor center with gift shop, cafe, ticket office and a giant movie theater showing every 45 minutes a film by William Hearst titled Building the Dream. It only takes 40 minutes of your time and you can afford that. The castle is open to the public for daily and guided tours.

During this time of year Mr. Hearst would entertain the likes of Howard Hughes, George Bernard Shaw, Joan Crawford to name a few. I’m looking forward to being in the same space as the many notable guests.

 Fun Fact: Casa Grande(main house) – In addition to numerous guest rooms and suites, it contains spectacular rooms such as the Refectory (dining hall), Billiard Room, Theater, Library, Gothic Suite and Study, Beauty Salon, Butler’s Pantry, Kitchen, for a total of 115 rooms in Casa Grande.

Here are a few things you need to know before you go to Hearst Castle.
1. Tours sell out, so buy tour tickets in advance.
2. Wheelchair-accessiblity of the Grand Rooms and Evening Tours are available.
3. Food concessions are in the visitors center. Food, drinks or chewing gum are not allowed on tours.

Fun Fact: Over 40 million people have toured Hearst Castle since it opened to the public.

 To learn more information on tour reservations visit their website:

Hearst Castle

750 Hearst Castle Road, San Simeon, CA  93452

Tour Reservations: (800) 444-4445

Hearst Castle is a Cinderella dream come true. A special thanks to the California State Parks for the tour. #beachiebeautyapproved

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Beachie Beauty Travels

Beachie Beauty Spotlight Stephanie Dawn Make-up Artist #mua #beach

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Stephanie Dawn

We are fast approaching the season of the year, Summer! Get started on a great routine that will stay with you a lifetime over. We caught up with the fabulous Celebrity Make-Up Artist Stephanie Dawn on some of  her Beachie Beauty Secrets. Read on….. 

Q: How did you get started as a make-up artist?

A: I got started as a make up artist very early. My parents bought me a Fresh and Fancy makeup kit when I was about 8. You could make your own lipsticks and nail polishes…It was AMAZING! At the age of 14, puberty was very unkind to me LOL!! I had major acne and hyperpigmentation so my Mom allowed me to wear foundation to cover the blemishes….no lipstick, no mascara, nothing but foundation. That really made me understand the power of makeup and how one little jar, tube, or compact can make you feel so good about yourself. I did my first wedding at 17. I had no idea that it would lead to where I am now, but it’s always so important to be attune to your childhood to see what you wanted to do when you were too young to be afraid of rejection, hard work or learning new things.

Stephanie Dawn Allen Cooley Photography 1
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Beauty Allen Cooley Photography All Rights Reserved

Q: What are your 5 make-up must have’s when traveling?

A: My 5 must haves for travel….I travel to the Caribbean A LOT, so anything light and easy always works. During the day, I go for a light foundation and a golden bronzer on top for a summer glow anytime of the year! Mascara, of course and I love a hot orange or fuschia lip because it goes so well with tanned skin and I prefer something in a long wear formula to withstand all the daquiris and rum punches LOL!!!

Stephanie Dawn Allen Cooley Photography
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Beauty Allen Cooley Photography All Rights Reserved

Q: Do you have a quick tip for touch- up’s?

A: For a quick touch up, I prefer the ‘old school’ red sponges. You can find them in any beauty store. You can just pat your face down and you’re back in business. In tropical climates, powder is useless. You will not stay matte all day, so it is pointless to pile it on top of a sweaty face. Bronzers always work in your favor and keeps you glowing all day.

Stephanie Dawn Travels 1
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Travel FB page Maui Waterfall

Q: Which exotic location was your favorite and why?

A: I’ve traveled to so many wonderful places and each new island I visit, becomes my ‘new favorite.’ I recently vacationed in Anguilla and it was amazing!!! It was very quiet and peaceful. My good friend is one of the Island’s Veterinarians and she gave me a great tour. The beaches were like none I’d ever seen. White sand, turquoise waters and blue skies made up a Heavenly landscape that I could enjoy all day. Great food and libations only sweetened the deal. I was soooo impressed with a beach shack called Blanchards. Great sangrias, the veggie burger was out of this world and all of their places, bowls and utensils were made from recycled materials!

Stephanie Dawn Travels
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Travels FB page Maui Trail

Q: How many islands so far have you visited? 

A: In the last 7 years, I’ve visited St Thomas over 20 times and I call it my second home. St Maarten, St Martin, Anguilla, Maui and even Central America.

Stephanie Dawn Travels 2
Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Travel FB page Maui Sunset

Q: How can you be reached?

A: I can be reached on


Stephanie Dawn Beauty

Stephanie Dawn Travels

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A special Thank you to Stephanie Dawn for a great Beachie Beauty Interview.

Andrea Price

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Beachin’ Beauty Alert… #Singapore


I love my new swimsuit. Trying it out on the beach for the first time in Singapore was a challenge. It allowed me to be myself after having my sixth child. Yes, you read that right. I’m a mom of six and travelled to another country to try out this new suit.

A special shoutout to Lenceria Boutique for having excellent customer service and the owner for a heart of gold. #Beachiebeautyapproved

Lenceria Boutique
7619 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90046

Andrea Price