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Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. However, when sinister monsters known as the Druun threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Now, 500 years later, those same monsters have returned, and it’s up to a lone warrior to track down the last dragon and stop the Druun for good.

We Drive-Ins is a wonderful experience for families to come out of quarantine and see movies again. It was well organized and the owners are very nice and polite. Here is how it all started,

Born out of the Spring 2020 Quarantine, P. Ben Chou, Founder and CEO of Welcome Entertainment’s WE Drive-Ins (“WE”), was under lock-down like many fellow Americans.  The simple act of going to the movies felt like a distant memory since most movie theaters were required to close their doors. With new movie releases going straight to streaming platforms amid the coronavirus pandemic, watching movies from home just doesn’t compare to actually going to the movie theater. Having a date night, eating popcorn with butter, watching the coming attractions, enjoying entertainment with other movie going audiences, and experiencing movies on a big screen just is a classic American pastime we all miss. So, Ben leveraged his relationships and experiences in building businesses, negotiated partnerships, researched the history of the great American drive-ins, and reflected deeply before developing his mission in launching his new business initiative – WE Drive-Ins:

· Restore the arts

· Re-employ  the displaced

·Give back to non-profits and those most in need

Ben in partnership with the City of Santa Monica, secured the right to enjoy watching first run feature films at the historic landmark Sears outdoor parking lot while being served by top tier staff as well as providing local artisan food from the likes of Mendocino Farms and Tocaya Organica.

Additionally, WE Drive-Ins is a source to create fundraising events for local non profits with a portion of proceeds to be donated back to community partners. 

WE Drive-Ins is deeply and sincerely grateful for your support.  
P. Ben Chou
Founder and Chief Experience Officer

With goodie bags and food delivered to you when you order from their vendor in advance was such a treat. The movie Raya and the last Dragon. It story was sooo good I saw five times after it. #beachiebeautyapproved

Get your tickets https://www.wedriveins.com/s/stories

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36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival presents The Knot (review) #sbiff

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In this suspenseful drama, Shirish and Geeta, an upper middle class Indian couple, accidently run over someone. Their differing reactions to the consequences of the accident reveal fissures in their relationship and put their values and beliefs to the test. THE KNOT explores class conflict, materialism, and guilt. It asks whether high walls and locked gates can banish inequality and class structure, or whether the complicity of the middle class infects our most intimate relationships.

THE KNOT was written and directed by first time filmmaker Ashish Pant.  Its stars Vikas Kumar and Saloni Batra. 

Ashish Pant gives a inviting rendition to a classic spin on trust and love. The Knot is how all textbook stories begin where the husband is willing to do anything to make his spouse happy and provide for a better way of life. They are stricken by the a motorist they hit and she feels guilty for doing so as he was in the way of their car. His wife feels bad about hitting the man. The story goes on into him saving a business and not knowing he hires the brother of the man he hits. It gives you a glimpse on what is behind the gates of glory to step outside to a poverty area that no one wants to live. The brother of the man she hits is trying to get out of where he is to just taste a portion of an upper class life. The wife is shielded by her husbands grasp and her willingness to remain humble she trusts this person and shall I say the end was soo good that I dont want to spoil it for you. Its a must watch, written well and the direction in the film was excellent.

It is now debuting at 36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival so get your tickets.

To buy tickets, go to: https://givebox.com/521020

A special thank you for the gem of a film. #beachiebeautyapproved

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American Society of Plastic Surgeons The Meeting Los Angeles Sept. 23-27, 2016

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American Society of Plastic Surgeons was founded in 1931, is the world’s largest prestigious organization representing 94% of all board certified plastic surgeons in the United States and a little over 1000 plastic surgeons world wide. The American Board of Plastic Surgery or The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada are among its members. With over 7000 member surgeons its leading as an information source on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Their mission is to have advances in quality care to plastic surgery patients with training, high standards, research and physician practice in plastic surgery.

The next few days are going to be filled with nothing but plastic surgery, and yes we love it. Starting Friday through Tuesday attendees for ASPS The Meeting in Los Angeles will spend their time in a lecture or two in an continuing educational conference on plastic surgery. This conference is not open to the public but is for registered medical professionals.

In our exclusive interview with Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy he explains to us how the public knows whom is a real plastic surgeon.
Q.How does the public know whether a doctor is a real plastic surgeon or not?
A. The training of a plastic surgeon is the longest training of any specialty in all of medicine. They graduate high school of course, four years of undergraduate school then 4 years of medical school which they will earn an MD, they go on  to 7 or 8 more years of residency specialty training first in general surgery then plastic surgery to then become a plastic surgeon. Yet, they’re still not board certified. They then take an oral examination one year after they finish their residency in plastic surgery and if they pass which 40% of doctors do. They go on to then wait another year for an oral exam which only 25% pass. They then become a board certified plastic surgeon. Most surgeons don’t really start their own private practice until about 34 or 35 years of age. The only way to tell if a doctor is board certified is for an individual to contact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Meet the President of ASPS Dr. David Song, the first Korean-American president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), is an award-winning, internationally renowned figure in medicine, research and education.  A native of Seoul, Korea, Dr. Song came to the United States at the age of three, to join his parents who had previously arrived here for training and education, with the intention of returning to Korea, but found the opportunities too compelling to resist.  His mother, a nurse, and his father, an accountant, raised him in Los Angeles, along with his younger brother.  His youth was, by his estimation, ordinary, but by any other standard, it was extraordinary.  In the fifth grade, he became keenly interested in rocketry; by the time he was in high school, he had published a short story and a play.  Perhaps the fact that he had a National Teacher of the Year when he was in school led to some of this and to his participating in advanced classes at Cal Tech during summers when he was in high school.

It was in the 11th grade that Dr. Song first had an exposure, through school, to the mystery and excitement of the medical profession.  This led to his being accepted for the extremely competitive and demanding seven year program at the University of California – Riverside and UCLA, which combined both a bachelor’s and a medical degree.  “Competitive” means, by the way, that slightly more than 380 students were accepted and only 24 finally completed their medical degrees.  Dr. Song admits that it was intellectually taxing and that he needed a little reminder along the way of the importance of staying focused – “I had too much fun in college” is the way he puts it.  Somehow, he found time to complete a minor in classical studies!

After medical school, he found himself fascinated by microsurgery.  Fortuitously one day while walking out of the operating rooms, he witnessed the microsurgical reattachment of a finger, a procedure being performed by a plastic surgeon, and the discipline to which he would ultimately rise to the top beckoned him.

The University of Chicago was where he undertook his residency and fellowship.  That experience resulted in an offer to stay, and Dr. Song is now The Cynthia Chow Professor of Surgery, Associate Dean for Continuing Medical Education, Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery, and Chief, Section of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,  all at University of Chicago Medicine.

Professionally, he is an internationally recognized expert in plastic surgery with additional training in reconstructive microsurgery. He specializes in breast reconstruction and oncoplastic surgery.  Dr. Song is well recognized for his extensive experience with perforator breast reconstruction procedures, including deep inferior epigastric perforator flap (DIEP), superior gluteal artery perforator flap (SGAP), superficial inferior epigastric artery flap (SIEA), and thoracodorsal artery perforator flap (TAP). Additionally, Dr. Song has pioneered several techniques for the repair and reconstruction of chest wall defects. His research interests focus on outcome improvement in lumpectomy and mastectomy reconstruction. He is involved in several clinical trials exploring advancements in these procedures. In 2008, he received the Arthur G. Michel Clinician of the Year award from the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization.

In addition, Dr. Song serves on the board of Medical Aid for Children of Latin America (MACLA), an organization that provides free surgical care for children with congenital deformities in the Dominican Republic. He is a fellow in the American College of Surgeons, and past president of the Chicago Society of Plastic Surgeons.

At home, he and his wife raise their three daughters.  To demonstrate how Dr. Song makes the most of every day, on the weekend, he will be found at 6 a.m. teeing off with his golf foursome, which includes a Nobel Prize winner, a best-selling author and a  special advisor to President Obama, but after the game is over, he gets breakfast to share with his family.


Meet Dr. Debra Johnson joined The Plastic Surgery Center in 1989 as the first woman plastic surgeon in the Sacramento area. Dr. Johnson received both her MD degree and her plastic surgery residency training at Stanford. She also took a cosmetic surgery fellowship at Clinica Planas in Barcelona, and a fellowship in hand and microsurgery at the Institute Francais de la Main in Paris.

Dr. Johnson is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and participates in the Maintenance of Certification process, which assures ongoing learning in the specialty. She is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Johnson is a member of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, a prestigious organization of the thought leaders in plastic surgery.

Dr. Johnson is well known for her leadership in plastic surgery. She currently serves as Vice President for Health Policy and Advocacy for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She also serves on various committees, and is the co-chair of the CSPS Legislative Committee. Dr. Johnson is also a Past President of the Sacramento Society of Plastic Surgeons, and is a former Chief of Surgery for Sutter Community Hospitals.

Dr. Johnson’s practice includes all aspects of cosmetic surgery, including the face, breast, and body. She performs post-mastectomy reconstruction, as well as other reconstructive procedures. As Co-Director of the Sutter Cleft Lip, Palate, and Craniofacial Anomalies Panel, Dr. Johnson cares for children born with facial deformities.

A big believer in “paying it forward”, Dr. Johnson devotes at least four weeks per year to providing free reconstructive surgery in developing countries. She has traveled the world over the past quarter century, giving children born with birth defects, or suffering from burn scars, a chance at a more normal life. She teaches other surgeons how to care for these children, so that more can be helped. As Vice President of the CSPS Education and Research Foundation, Dr. Johnson works to provide free plastic surgery to the children of California who have no other resources.

A lifelong advocate for patient safety, Dr. Johnson received the California Society of Plastic Surgeons Presidential Award for Exemplary Service.

Dr. Johnson and her husband, Mario Gutierrez, live in Curtis Park. They have two wonderful adult children. They have been planting vines and remodeling a “fixer-upper” in Napa in hopes of one day enjoying a sustainable retirement.

As you go through ASPS website you will find useful information on every plastic surgical procedure. Be sure to do your due diligence when choosing a board certified plastic surgeon.

For more information on ASPS The Meeting Los Angeles 2016 or how to become a member click here  American Society of Plastic Surgeons
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The Food Concierge #foodie #LBNC15

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The Food Concierge was started with the power of food in mind. It’s an experience like no other. I got a first glance at behind the scene action on how the owners put together a palate of yumminess. It all happened at the Lifestyle National Bloggers Conference. I pulled up ready to volunteer my taste buds for the ultimate food experience. Each bit will be better than the last. Every company will spill their hearts out in the meals provided.

What you won’t get is a team that is not willing to lay it on the line. You will get passion, hard work and sacrifice. The Food Concierge is nestled right in the heart of Orange County, California. The goal is to gather food lovers and industry professionals from all over the world for a different taste experience. Are you that company?

Visit there website: http://www.thefoodconcierge.com/explore/

Check out some of the photo’s from this year’s Lifestyle National Bloggers Conference:



the food concierge2

Anapalco’s Cafe

the food concierge 3

Dirty Dog L.A.

The food concierge 4 The food Concierge

Learn more about the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference here:


Tell them Beachie Beauty sent you over. #beachiebeautyapproved

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The Unpunished Newport Beach Film Festival #npff

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The Unpunished uncovers the thrill in organized crime. Was once a past time Director Agnes Gattegno brings Newport Beach the drug lords of Mexico. Let’s delve on what he had to say about his latest project:

Q: How did you decide on telling the story of The Unpunished?

A: I’ve been working on organized crime for years. Since the Mexican narcos are the more powerful cartels worldwide because they are the N° 1 distributors of cocaine, I wanted to do a piece about them. Then, the HSBC case broke and, unfortunately, it shows exactly what we call “the grey zone”. Legal business partners and the link of international finance with blood money.

Brother’s of the knight Debbie Allen

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Brother’s of the Knight is a great children’s play. The cast gave a stellar performance in the ensemble at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. The soundtrack was perfect with the narrator being a dog was a complete surprise and treat. The amount of talent on the stage was mind-blowing knowing that most of the cast members are the ages of my kids. It had something for everyone. My favorite part and song the wedding, Will you dance with me was the song that stole my heart. A very special thank you to the dance academy for a great evening.


Brothers of the Knight soundtrack Music by Debbie Allen & James Ingram

I loved the music so much I bought the soundtrack as a gift.

Catch the play at a theatre near you. Visit their website for more information http://www.brothersoftheknight.com/theshow/

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The Strand House Restaurant #ride4cure

What's for Lunch?

The Strand House MB

Manhattan Beach, California


The Strand House Restaurant located on ocean front Manhattan Beach, California is a date lunch waiting to happen. The view, food and excellent service not to mention their charity efforts are all the rage. Starting May 1-18 The Strand House will offer an antioxidant cancer fighting menu benefiting the 2nd annual Tour de Pier on May 18.  Executive Chef Greg Hozinsky has created a menu that will raise awareness for the event but also give you a glimpse on trying something new for your diet. Take a look at what these great dishes offer. For more information on the restaurant please visit http://www.thestrandhousemb.com



Hamachi Crudo avocado, tomato seed vinaigrette, red alaea sea salt

** Red Alaea Sea Salt is a natural sea salt product of Hawaii that contains numerous healthy minerals, electrolytes and digestible dietary iron.

** Avocados have been shown to lower rates of breast cancer because it is high in lutein. It has nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and monounsaturated healthy fats.


Kale Salad red grapes, candied pumpkin seeds, goat cheese,farro

** Kale is high in vitamins A,C,K & fiber with zero fat. Kale can help lower cholesterol.


Citrus Ahi Tuna Salad seared rare Ahi Tuna, baby lettuces, fresh citrus, avocado, aji amarillo aioli

Ahi Tuna is densely packed with B vitamins, essential to maintaining a healthy immune system.


For more information on Tour de Pier and how you can do your part please visit; http://www.tourdepier.com


Pro Surfer Alex Gray, Co-Founder of Tour de Pier Heath Gregory, Three time Volleyball Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings


Let’s get social about a cure! #ride4cure


Disclaimer: Please consult with your primary physician before trying any diet.


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Singapore Romance

Singapore Blogisode

wedding dress


Saying yes to the dress…..

They arrive home from the evening with sparks in their eyes. Kids are asleep and the sitter is ready to turn it in. The sitter was so ecstatic to learn that he had proposed to her and they were leaving for a Singapore romance. He gave the sitter a pay raise for them being late coming back.

Him: Can you come back in two weeks? I have a higher paying gig for you.

Sitter: Sure, Let me know what date and time.

Him: I’ll keep you posted.

Sitter: Thanks!

The next morning he is awaken to breakfast before work. It has a note on the side, asking him to get off early. He eats his breakfast and began to get ready for work.

Him: I’m off to work. I will call you midday to let you know what time I’m leaving. Did you need anything before I go?

Her: Just your love for the day.

Him: Done

She goes on with her day as planned. Breakfast for the kids, homeschool related stuff and lunch out of the way. She takes a midday break shopping with the girls on Rodeo Drive. EJ: Mama, What kind of dress are you going to wear for the big day?

Her: I have the slightest clue.

EJ: You look fabulous in anything.

Her: Thanks dahlin’!

They walk along Rodeo Drive looking for bridal shops. Nothing catches her eye. She walks over to Wilshire and spots a wedding shop of her dreams.

Her: Let’s go in here and try on dresses.

EJ: Sure.

A plethora of sales associates storm her as she walks in. She has been watching sales girl even before entering the boutique.

Sales Associates: How may we help you? (five to come up to them)

Her: I’d like that young lady over there to assist me in trying on dresses for my wedding.

Sales Associates: She has no experience. She will mess up the order. Let us take care of you. (All five at the same damn time)

Her: No, Thank you. (Such gawkers)

The sales associates run over to get the sales girl she talks about.

Sales girl: Thank you for choosing me as your sales associate for today. What can I assist you with?

Her: I’m looking for a dress for my wedding day. It has to be lace with a sweetheart design. I would love the dress to be gold.

Sales girl: I can certainly help you with that. Let me pull some dresses and we can get started.

The Mrs. tries on several dresses. She explains to the sales girl that she needed to be out of the shop before the 2pm. The sales girl agreed and was grateful for the opportunity to work. She then fell in the middle of the show room with a handful of dresses. Her colleagues laughed until the Mrs. bought every dress the sales girl was holding. She not only made her commissions for the month she was set for 6 months.

Her: Let this be a lesson to all of you. Be kind to everyone. So I’ll say yes to dress……

Him: Calling her. I can’t get off early but I am looking forward to seeing you this evening.

Her: Sounds good dahlin’ I will see you this evening. Love ya.

Him: Love you more. (They both hang up the line.)

Sales girl: Can I offer my services in styling your wedding team?

Her: Why, yes. I look forward to working with you.

She was so excited about the dresses she picked out and forgot to ask about accessories. He calls her.

Him: Would you like to have drinks later?

Her: Only if you wear your red speedo? (LOL)

Him: I’d love too. Can you have it ready for me when I arrive? Make sure you wear that red baby doll lace dress I got you for Christmas.

Her: I’ll wear it and bring some whip cream to lick off your water slide.

Him: Is that a promise?

Her: It’s a guarantee.

He gets home after the kids are asleep kisses them and heads to the bedroom with her favorite wine, two wine glasses and pink rose petals in hand. Put this on. He snatches off his clothes and puts on his red speedo. She takes her time in touching him. He touches her one finger at a time. Oooooo don’t stop. The touching and humping continued. He wants to make her every desire a reality.


Stay tuned for the next blogisode…. Singapore Heaven


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