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Beachie Beauty Spotlight Stephanie Dawn Make-up Artist #mua #beach

Beachie Beauty Travels

Stephanie Dawn Travels 8

Stephanie Dawn

We are fast approaching the season of the year, Summer! Get started on a great routine that will stay with you a lifetime over. We caught up with the fabulous Celebrity Make-Up Artist Stephanie Dawn on some of  her Beachie Beauty Secrets. Read on….. 

Q: How did you get started as a make-up artist?

A: I got started as a make up artist very early. My parents bought me a Fresh and Fancy makeup kit when I was about 8. You could make your own lipsticks and nail polishes…It was AMAZING! At the age of 14, puberty was very unkind to me LOL!! I had major acne and hyperpigmentation so my Mom allowed me to wear foundation to cover the blemishes….no lipstick, no mascara, nothing but foundation. That really made me understand the power of makeup and how one little jar, tube, or compact can make you feel so good about yourself. I did my first wedding at 17. I had no idea that it would lead to where I am now, but it’s always so important to be attune to your childhood to see what you wanted to do when you were too young to be afraid of rejection, hard work or learning new things.

Stephanie Dawn Allen Cooley Photography 1

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Beauty Allen Cooley Photography All Rights Reserved

Q: What are your 5 make-up must have’s when traveling?

A: My 5 must haves for travel….I travel to the Caribbean A LOT, so anything light and easy always works. During the day, I go for a light foundation and a golden bronzer on top for a summer glow anytime of the year! Mascara, of course and I love a hot orange or fuschia lip because it goes so well with tanned skin and I prefer something in a long wear formula to withstand all the daquiris and rum punches LOL!!!

Stephanie Dawn Allen Cooley Photography

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Beauty Allen Cooley Photography All Rights Reserved

Q: Do you have a quick tip for touch- up’s?

A: For a quick touch up, I prefer the ‘old school’ red sponges. You can find them in any beauty store. You can just pat your face down and you’re back in business. In tropical climates, powder is useless. You will not stay matte all day, so it is pointless to pile it on top of a sweaty face. Bronzers always work in your favor and keeps you glowing all day.

Stephanie Dawn Travels 1

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Travel FB page Maui Waterfall

Q: Which exotic location was your favorite and why?

A: I’ve traveled to so many wonderful places and each new island I visit, becomes my ‘new favorite.’ I recently vacationed in Anguilla and it was amazing!!! It was very quiet and peaceful. My good friend is one of the Island’s Veterinarians and she gave me a great tour. The beaches were like none I’d ever seen. White sand, turquoise waters and blue skies made up a Heavenly landscape that I could enjoy all day. Great food and libations only sweetened the deal. I was soooo impressed with a beach shack called Blanchards. Great sangrias, the veggie burger was out of this world and all of their places, bowls and utensils were made from recycled materials!

Stephanie Dawn Travels

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Travels FB page Maui Trail

Q: How many islands so far have you visited? 

A: In the last 7 years, I’ve visited St Thomas over 20 times and I call it my second home. St Maarten, St Martin, Anguilla, Maui and even Central America.

Stephanie Dawn Travels 2

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Dawn’s Travel FB page Maui Sunset

Q: How can you be reached?

A: I can be reached on


Stephanie Dawn Beauty

Stephanie Dawn Travels

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A special Thank you to Stephanie Dawn for a great Beachie Beauty Interview.

Andrea Price