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Duty-Free Shopping…..


She began to pack weeks ago for seven people. She recalls him telling her that they will have time for plenty of dates in the next few days. He calls the sitter to schedule her first 10 day trip to Singapore and tells her to bring her beau.

Sitter: You’re not going to believe the new gig I just got!

Sitters Beau: Tell me. Tell me.

Sitter: We are going to Singapore for 10 days!

Sitters Beau: You have got to be kidding! Really! OMG!

Sitter: We leave soon. So go pack a bag and bring a suit.

Sitters Beau: YES! I will. I mean ok. I’m off to pack.

The sitters beau was excited that he could propose to her in a foreign country and began to look up different romantic places he could ask her to marry him. They all arrive to the airport excited to go on an international trip. She managed to pack everything but forgot the kids IPODS.

Her: There’s nothing like duty-free shopping in the morning before boarding a 22 hour flight to Asia. Let’s see if they have a DVD player for you guys while we are on the plane and some crossword puzzles for the first few hours. I also need a face mask. Oh, a pillow and slippers. I think that’s it for me. I have food and extra items for the kids.

Him: I love how you can do it all. Did you pack any suits for me?

Her: Yes

As they sit down to breakfast, the sitter and her beau walks off to find a charging station for their phones.

Him: Let’s go the restroom. I promise that it will be Singapore Heaven.

Her: On this dirty airplane.

Him: What better way to start our romantic adventure?

Her: Meet me in five minutes.

Him: (He says to the sitter) Can you watch the kids for twenty minutes?

Sitter: Sure

Her: Come on for the kids notice we’re gone.

Him: Let me run my fingers through your pubic hair….

Her: he he he he

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