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Highlights from Eleventh Annual Food & Wine Festival April 5-8, 2018 #foodie #beachiebeautytravels

Angie Mar & Nadmi Pomeroy are a cut above the rest. With their chefs delectable bits, these two chefs tasty treats were served beautifully. Every now and again you come across an event or food that you love. Look no further, this year’s food and wine festival did not disappoint.

Guests poured out their great ideas amongst the table patiently waiting for just a small taste of greatness.

Behind the scenes look at both chefs in action. Food so good make you wanna smack your ex boyfriend.

A special thank you to Danielle &Julia for the invite. #beachiebeautyapproved

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Carmel, California #foodie #llblognotaconf

Day two of our llblognotaconf we start off with continental breakfast in the poolside meeting room with an amazing view. We were given our itinerary for the day, Carrie Thiess the owner shared the wonderful story of how Hofsas House is now celebrating 70 years. Read more here.

Hofsas House_4_Ana Lydia Monaco_Ana Lydia Monaco Blog
After the wonderful stories of Hofsas House, the next panel successful writing & partnerships workshop taught us a bit about asking the right public relations agencies for business. The best thing we could have done of our blog is take this sitting. Kelly had some pretty great insights on how you should have your pitch letters ready to send out your current travel dates to different pr companies you wish to work with in order to get great assignments. She also mentioned that when asking for the work that its stickily business. Dress the part, ask lots of questions. Be sure that the company you’re potentially working for be in a position to give you more work. Take great photo’s of the sponsoring property and if you need anything or have an issue address it with the head person in charge.  So many other tips were shared in the workshop that were valuable and it was a delight to be in the room. As our workshop came to a close, we headed out to a place called Carmel Belle for lunch.


Carmel Belle is a small cafe down the way that has light bits from sandwiches to salads and specialty drinks. The spread was really nice, the people were happy to be there and the love of food brought us all together.



Everything was really good, and very thoughtful. A special thank you to Carmel Belle for their hospitality. Enjoy more delectable photos from our lunch. This trip was sponsored all opinions are my own.

Carmel Belle_1_Ana Lydia Monaco_Ana Lydia Monaco Blog (1)

A shout out to our organizer Padma Media from the Lifestyle Bloggers Collective and to the sponsors of this event thank you.


Andrea Price


Beachie Beauty Travels

Carmel, California #llblognotaconf


Carmel_Hofsas_House_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)Northern California boasts some amazing landmarks. Celebrating 70 years of serving the City of Carmel, this boutique hotel has the views and service to prove you’re in the right place. Its marvel beauty comes at a perfect time to explore the masses. Donna Hofsas and her husband Fred bought a few small cottages in the late 40s to begin what is now a 38 room phenomenon. Its European style was my favorite part, throughout the property its influence gives the place a unique vibe.

The mural is right outside the front of the hotel by Maxine Albro this piece was painted and competed in 1957.
Donna and Fred stayed on the property while it was being constructed. The family suite room 9/10 are available to guests today and are the original cottages Fred and Donna occupied. This property is amazing, with panoramic views of the ocean it truly takes your breath away. Upon arrival the hotel planned a special schedule for us to enjoy while we were in town. You too can have a special schedule catered to you and your party, just ask the front desk for recommendations and they will take care of the rest. Did I mention that Carmel is a pet-friendly and so is Hofsas House.

We checked into our rooms with wine and cheese waiting which was a nice treat from the drive. Hofsas House offers a variety of services. Continental breakfast is apart of your stay. With partners at six different golf courses in the area. A couples massage, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Carmel walk by the sea passport, a walking trail, you can even have your room decorated for an anniversary, romantic getaway or birthday.

We met with Carrie Theis the owner who took great care of us, she made sure every detail was covered down to the food menu. As we headed off to the poolside meeting room, our first activity was honey tasting with Jake Resisdorf.
Bloggers_1_Ana Lydia Monaco_Lifestyle Bloggers Collective
This 14 year old entrepreneur started this business as a school project. He was so interested in the subject and how bees are treated he wanted to do more and Carmel Honey Company was born.  Did you know the honey bought in grocery stores  are fake? When Jake told us about how the nutrients are watered down and put on the self I have since stopped buying it. Honey has a lot of beauty capabilities. You can use it as an acne mask in the evening time before going to bed. If you have bad breath eat a teaspoon of it and then brush your teeth afterwards. If you’ve had hiccups you can eat a spoonful of honey may get rid of them.

Hofsas House_3_Ana Lydia Monaco_Ana Lydia Monaco Blog

As we wrapped up our honey tasting, dinner was on our minds. Dinner at Abalonetti’s came at a perfect time. The lighting of the restaurant was divine, service impeccable and the company and conversation made it worth every bite.

Fisherman’s Wharf

The food, let me just say that the food lifted you unto a place of being. I was stuffed by the end of the meal. Dessert came out and I almost passed out. lol

After dinner we had a girls mixer in our rooms and that was a real treat. As the first day came to a close the remaining days of the trip was too marvel. Come back to follow my journey in Carmel.

A special thank you to our organizer Padma Media from the Lifestyle Bloggers Collective sponsors for an amazing experience. Check out the swag bag we received.

Although this is a sponsored post all opinions are my own.

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Mint Leaf Pasadena #mintleafpasadena #indiancuisine #foodie @MintLeafLA


Friday evening was the place to be for the best indian cuisine in Pasadena, CA. A friend and I were invited to partake in a dining experience like no other. Once seated we were greeted by Joanne and the rest is restaurant history. From start to finish each dish gave a different flavor. When ordering you have the option of having your food spiced to your liking from mild to hot. Vegetarian/Vegan options are available and if you have dietary restrictions let your sever know and they will accommendate your needs.
We started off with white wine to get in the mood. Our hor d’oeuveres were ordered and let me tell you amazing. Bhel Puri is an indian mixture of puffed rice, boiled potatoes, roasted peanuts, shredded cabbage and tomatoes tossed in mint and tamarind chutneys. The Shrimp Pakoras are tiger shrimp marinated with lemon juice,  ginger, green chilies and cilantro, dipped in special chickpeas flour batter and lightly fried. Shrimp Pakoras was sooo good. I couldn’t get enough.

Bhel Puri
Shrimp Pakoras

We opted for a vegetarian option for our entree. Channa Masala are garbanzo beans cooked with freshly ground spices, onions, fresh tomatoes and ginger. The Okra Masala are garden fresh okra cooked with freshly ground spices, onions, fresh tomatoes and ginger.  I was raving about the okra. Loved, loved, loved it. It was paired with garlic and chesse nom bread and rice. Too good. Mint Leaf’s service was superb. Diners next to us had a great experience and were stuffed by all the food that was served.

Channa Masala
okra mint leaf
Okra Masala

As the evening came to a close it was hard to say see you later to a great experience. Dessert arrived and we grew in love all over again. Carrot Halwa is a traditional indian carrot pudding with pistachio crumbles, golden raisins and small cardamom. It was paired with almond milk and fig ice cream. Yum!

Carrot Halwa and almond fig ice cream

It was a great time and evening and I  would recommend Mint Leaf in Pasadena to everyone. A special thank you to Blaze PR for the invite Joanne the manager for superb service and for treating my guest and I like royals.

Visit Mint Leaf when you’re in town.

Located at 2535 East Washington Dr. Altadena/Pasadena, CA. 91107
Telephone 626.460.8776
11am-2pm Lunch
5pm-10pm Dinner

mint leaf pasadena

This is a review of Mint Leaf all opinions are my own. Til next time. #beachiebeautyapproved

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The Food Concierge #foodie #LBNC15

The Food Concierge was started with the power of food in mind. It’s an experience like no other. I got a first glance at behind the scene action on how the owners put together a palate of yumminess. It all happened at the Lifestyle National Bloggers Conference. I pulled up ready to volunteer my taste buds for the ultimate food experience. Each bit will be better than the last. Every company will spill their hearts out in the meals provided.

What you won’t get is a team that is not willing to lay it on the line. You will get passion, hard work and sacrifice. The Food Concierge is nestled right in the heart of Orange County, California. The goal is to gather food lovers and industry professionals from all over the world for a different taste experience. Are you that company?

Visit there website:

Check out some of the photo’s from this year’s Lifestyle National Bloggers Conference:

the food concierge2
Anapalco’s Cafe
the food concierge 3
Dirty Dog L.A.

The food concierge 4 The food Concierge

Learn more about the Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference here:

Tell them Beachie Beauty sent you over. #beachiebeautyapproved

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L.A. Food and Wine Tasting Sponsored by Lexus


Lexus pulled out the red carpet for their guests at their 4th Annual Wine & Food tasting. I love every bit of it. Four days of great company an array of wine choices for your palate. Expert Chef’s were on hand to give you a  show down foodie experience of a lifetime. Some of the celebrity chef’s included Curtis Stone, Michael Chiarello, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Thomas Keller, Guy Fieri, Robert Irvine, and local favorites such as Rory Herrmann, Michael Voltaggio, Matsuhisa Nobu, and Sang Yoon. Take a look at some of my favorite bits.

Coffee waffle and donut ice cream
Street Tacos Smoked Pork Roast Corn Relish Avocado Cream & Cojita Cheese
California Sea Bass Crudo Meyer Lemon Relish Puffed Rice & Espelette Pepper
Custom T-shirt by

Check out the Lexus vehicles guests had the opportunity to view in person. Awesome right?


It was by far the best event to attend if you’re aspiring to be a chef. Learn from the best. Thank you Lexus for a great event. We’ll see you next year. #beachiebeautyapproved

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What's for Lunch?

The Strand House Restaurant #ride4cure

The Strand House MB
Manhattan Beach, California


The Strand House Restaurant located on ocean front Manhattan Beach, California is a date lunch waiting to happen. The view, food and excellent service not to mention their charity efforts are all the rage. Starting May 1-18 The Strand House will offer an antioxidant cancer fighting menu benefiting the 2nd annual Tour de Pier on May 18.  Executive Chef Greg Hozinsky has created a menu that will raise awareness for the event but also give you a glimpse on trying something new for your diet. Take a look at what these great dishes offer. For more information on the restaurant please visit


Hamachi Crudo avocado, tomato seed vinaigrette, red alaea sea salt

** Red Alaea Sea Salt is a natural sea salt product of Hawaii that contains numerous healthy minerals, electrolytes and digestible dietary iron.

** Avocados have been shown to lower rates of breast cancer because it is high in lutein. It has nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and monounsaturated healthy fats.

Kale Salad red grapes, candied pumpkin seeds, goat cheese,farro

** Kale is high in vitamins A,C,K & fiber with zero fat. Kale can help lower cholesterol.

Citrus Ahi Tuna Salad seared rare Ahi Tuna, baby lettuces, fresh citrus, avocado, aji amarillo aioli

Ahi Tuna is densely packed with B vitamins, essential to maintaining a healthy immune system.


For more information on Tour de Pier and how you can do your part please visit;

Pro Surfer Alex Gray, Co-Founder of Tour de Pier Heath Gregory, Three time Volleyball Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings
Let’s get social about a cure! #ride4cure


Disclaimer: Please consult with your primary physician before trying any diet.


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