Exclusive Interview with Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz #realselfseries


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Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz MD, FACS, is board certified in plastic surgery. He earned his bachelor’s degree in cellular and molecular biology from Tulane University and went on to attend Georgetown University School of Medicine. He is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and a diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He furthered his expertise in breast cancer care by studying tumor biology and the molecular basis of cancer at the Lombardi Cancer Center, designated by the National Cancer Institute.
In our Real Self questioning series, we asked a number of doctors the things you want to know.

Can fat grafting be used to augment breasts?
“I appreciate your question. Yes, fat grafting can be used to augment the breasts. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.”

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Dr. Jaime S. Schwartz
240 S. LaCienega Blvd., Suite 200
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90211
(310) 882-5454

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Coolsculpting #plasticsurgery

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Q. What is coolsculpting, and how does it work?
A. We have been doing Coolsculpting in our clinic for almost two years and our patients probably rate it with over a 90% “happiness” factor.  The key is patient selection for this form of non invasive fat reduction that works by selectively freezing the fat and not the skin.  The procedure is for pinchable fat in patients that have relatively good skin quality. If patients have poor skin quality with stretch marks and stretched out abdominal muscles, then this technique will not improve those issues. The goal is for fat reduction.  It is probably around a 25% fat reduction with one applicator and the process for fat resorption takes a few months.  It is permanent fat reduction but one applicator doesn’t do the job.  It takes a regional treatment plan. But during these treatments patients fall asleep, read their emails or watch a movie.

We have seen some amazing results in realistic patients that are committed.  We also have a few patients that are better surgical candidates but for whatever reason they are unwilling or unable to have surgery. These patients can still have fat reduction but their skin quality is poor.  But they understand the limitations prior to treatment. We are looking into adding a body skin tightening device after treatment with coolsculpting to see if we can improve the result even more. This radiofrequency device may also be to smooth out smaller fatty areas that are not treatable by coolsculpting or may have some ability to improve cellulite!

Q. What are the side effects if any from coolsculpting?
A. Coolsculpting can remove a small area of fat, but can cause bruising, swelling, inflammation that can last a few weeks.  Sometimes indentations can occur if there is no overlapping of treatments.  Sculpsure has less inflammation and no risk of indentations.

Q. Does coolsculpting have a long lasting effect?
A. Yes-once you treat in an area, CoolSculpting removes the fat in the area for good. Keep in mind that it may take 2-3 treatments to achieve the desired results. This type of procedure is meant to coincide with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Should you gain weight it will be gained in areas that have not been treated with CoolSculpting.

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Beachie Beauty Exclusive Interview with Dr. Richard Ellenbogen

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Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is a board certified plastic surgeon. He received his training from the University of Florida, University of Miami Leonard School of Medicine, The Prenatal Determination of Fetal Sex Using Maternal Blood Through Chromosome Analysis Research Medical School & Albert Einstein College of Medicine respectfully. I had the privilege of an exclusive interview in his Los Angeles office.

So you say you want a youthful look, fuller lips, no frown lines, no marionette mouth. You may be a candidate for fat grafting. Slam on your breaks and get ready because every procedure that I have found has everything to do with fat transfer, fat grafting or fat injection. Dr. Ellenbogen  rediscovered the technique in the early 80s where research was conducted  on a few people to see if this procedure would enhance the job. He was successful in his findings, the technique has been used by most physicians all over the world.

Q.What is Fat Grafting?
A. It is transferring fat from areas in which you have excess fat, such as the outer thighs or the tummy area, and injects it into areas that may be lacking in volume, such as the face, hands, breasts or buttocks.

Q. Who is the best candidate for Facial Fat Grafting?
A. Fat grafting is for someone who wants to add volume to their cheeks, lips deep wrinkles, nasolabial folds and under the eyes. We like to perform this surgery with the rhinoplasty which is my specialty though its difficult to add fat to the nose.

Fat grafting is a minimal non-invasive procedure with no downtime. During our interview I had the pleasure of meeting one of Dr. Ellenbogen’s patients that had fat grafting done. Fat was removed from her love handle and injected into her lower eyes, lips and marionette lines for more volume to the face. Having had the non-invasive surgery 24 hours from the time I saw her was remarkable. It really just looked like she had on makeup with very little swelling and little to no bruising I was impressed.
* Results may vary so be sure to use your due diligence.

#funfact Dr. Ellenbogen is a portrait painter. His approach to the rhinoplasty procedure is like no other. He has a knack for picking up, what a patient wants to achieve.

Other procedures that use fat injections are breast augmentation, brazilian butt augmentation and hand surgery.

Breast augmentation we know uses saline or silicone implants also applies the fat grafting technique in persons that have smaller sized breasts that may just want to go up a cup size. Depending on size and proportion of the butt. The brazilian butt augmentation is where the fat is transferred from an area that the patient desired that the fat should come from is removed from the love handles, or thighs and is injected into the butt for a more curvier look. It all depends on if the patient has the fat to use. Hand surgery is quite different in that the aging process causes it to look thin. Fat transfer makes the hand look more define.

On to more charitable note Dr. Ellenbogen is helping to raise funds for Hospital de la fe in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and Project Happy Face. The goal to help children and adults who have congenital or injury induced deformities. Hospital de la fe is not equipped currently for these types of procedures so patients are sent to Celaya Clinic of Dr. Valazquez and Dr. Berlanga for dental and speech respectfully. To find out how you can donate to this worthy cause give the office a call.

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen
2080 Century Park East, Suite 501
Los Angeles, CA. 90067

A special thank you to Dr. Ellenbogen and his staff for the wonderful experience at his office. #beachiebeautyapproved

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Exclusive Interview Dr. Michael K. Obeng #plasticsurgery

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Dr. Michael Obeng

photo courtesy of Dr. Obeng’s FB

Born into poverty in Ghana, Africa, Dr. Obeng persevered in overcoming obstacles, and thrived to achieve culmination of professional and personal success.

What is your specialty?

We do all types of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. We offer our clients a variety of services, breast, body, face, liposuction, laser, botox, fillers and more. He is among  a rare few that have successfully reattached a limb and an expert in hand and micronuerovascular surgery.

Can you tell us the difference between botox and fillers?

Botox is a neurotoxin with blocks the action of nerves on muscles.  We use it to target muscles that form wrinkles.  It relaxes the muscles, softening the wrinkle.  It lasts for 3-6 months.  Fillers are injected into the skin to fill in wrinkles, directly softening them.

How do I pick a breast implant?

I prefer the gel implant. “Saline is like a pinto where Silicone is more natural.”  It also depends on the person’s frame, loose skin on the breast and the desired size the patient wants to meet.

What are the risks or negative effects of smoking?

It clogs up the micro-circulation which can cause scaring and infection.

What are your efforts in helping those whom can’t afford the services but need the surgery?

I have an non-profit organization called RESTORE founded in 2008 which provides  resources, hope, motivation and encouragement in restoring lives through reconstructive surgery in third world countries to battered women and children. He also provides education for under privileged individuals in the U.S., about post reconstructive surgery options that are available after breast cancer treatment.

What would you like future clients to know about you? 

We take pride in treating each patient like family.

Dr. Obeng is having a Valentine’s Day Special $1500 off any surgical service $50 off Botox/Fillers

Be sure to check out the amazing efforts he’s doing with his non-profit organization RESTORE.


Visit: http://www.mikoplasticsurgery.com

To schedule an appointment

Dr. Michael K. Obeng

435 N. Roxbury Dr. Suite 205

Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210


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