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All white season is in full swing. #DUBAI #jumeriah #travel


Are you planning a trip to Dubai. Come in to view a lovers destination without distractions. Move out of your comfort zone and explore a little place called Jumeriah. It’s nestled in an area where love takes you to another level. Look no further she wants you to take her on a fantastic voyage.

Enter this oasis with a day pass from one of the local hotels. Get the exclusive access to the beach from your concierge.

Here are my top five things to do in Dubai while you’re in town. Aside from the tourism and you know what I mean about that, explore the most life has to offer.

1. Top Chef Cooking Studio
Tired of dining out which can be fun too, treat yourself to a cooking class that’ll get your mind to another place. There located near the beach at 196 Jumeirah Beach Road.

2. Tao Spa
Enjoy spa services, they have facials, massages, waxing, manicure and pedicures.

3. Abalone Cove Beach
Exotic and luxurious beach with excellent bar here is your option to visit..a must go for tourist and residents of Dubai.

4. Royal Mirage Tourism
Book the private safari tour and you’ll remember it forever.

5. Fun Beach Water Sports
Jet ski tour “with absolutely friendly guide, we all enjoyed in beautiful cruise near Burj Al Arab, recommend it for all.”

Above all have a wonderful time and live your best life. #beachiebeautyapproved

Andrea Price

Beachie Beauty Travels

Henna, Essential Oils and Other Middle Eastern Beauty Secrets in Dubai #dubai


Dubai is a multinational city. Being there, you will find beautiful women from all over the world. While their beauty is totally different according to their local beauty standards, there is something common between them. Every woman comes to Dubai has to try the traditional Middle Eastern beauty secrets, such as henna, essential oils, and others because this city has the best Oriental beauty products suppliers from all over the world.

Benefits of Applying Henna

Arab women believe in the magic meaning of applying henna. That’s why there are many wedding traditions related to applying henna. According to the ancient beliefs, henna can protect from evil, gives positive energy and increases the fertility. Dubai is the city where you can find the highest quality henna and enjoy elegant tattoos for about two weeks.

In the hot Dubai weather, henna will save you due to its cooling properties. Thousands of years ago, it was the only way for desert people to survive in hot weather.

And the final reason to apply henna, is its exotic beauty. You will be in the center of attention in any event with an elegant henna tattoo.

Essential Oils is a Must Have by Arab Women

Middle Eastern women use essential oils in all possible ways: they apply it on hair, on the body, add drops of oil in the bathwater and use it as an ingredient in facial creams and masks.

The highest quality of essential oils that you can find only in Dubai will soon make your hair thicker, your lashes longer, and the skin shiny.

The most common oils are argan, rose, and lavender oil. Along with their benefits for the beauty and relaxation, they have an amazing fragrance that will attract the man you love.

Turmeric and its Benefits

Turmeric facial masks are used by Arab women over the centuries. The main component of turmeric that moisturizer and exfoliator face and reduces redness is photochemical called curcumin. The turmeric has a great anti-inflammation effect.

Main benefits of using turmeric for beauty needs are as follows:

  • Facial hair control (applying turmeric masks on the problematic zones slows the growth of facial hair).
  • Anti – aging effect.
  • Anti – bacterial effect.
  • Makes skin more elastic.
  • Lights pigmentation.
  • Reduce dandruff and hair loss.

High-Quality Makeup Products

In Dubai, you are able to buy any famous beauty brand from all over the world. Women in Dubai are very choosy and will never use low-quality makeup products, which makes the competition on the beauty market higher and consequently the best quality of the best in the world.

Whatever you are looking for perfumes, lipsticks, mascara, eyelashes, or eyeshadows; in Dubai, you’ll find a huge variety.

While enjoying your time in Dubai on the beaches or while shopping, don’t forget about sun protection beauty products that, of course, also is well-represented in the city.

If you are still thinking to use these beauty secrets or not, I will remind you that Middle Eastern women are known all over the world due to their thick lashes, radiant skin and keeping the youthful beauty up to old ages.


Andrea Price