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Bria, has tied the knot with longtime beau Michael Xavier over the weekend. In a private, intimate ceremony with close friends and family she made the room glow up with her natural aura. The wedding included both Bria’s famous parents. The gorgeous white floral arrangements and chandeliers at the outdoor event, with romantic and elegant details.

Bria was a stunning bride in an off the shoulder, white lace gown by Netta BenShabu while her beau donned a Knot Standard tuxedo style by Dion Lattimore.

La Joie De Vivre has stunning selection of dresses. Check out more of their dresses below. #beachiebeautyapproved

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Saying yes to the dress…..

They arrive home from the evening with sparks in their eyes. Kids are asleep and the sitter is ready to turn it in. The sitter was so ecstatic to learn that he had proposed to her and they were leaving for a Singapore romance. He gave the sitter a pay raise for them being late coming back.

Him: Can you come back in two weeks? I have a higher paying gig for you.

Sitter: Sure, Let me know what date and time.

Him: I’ll keep you posted.

Sitter: Thanks!

The next morning he is awaken to breakfast before work. It has a note on the side, asking him to get off early. He eats his breakfast and began to get ready for work.

Him: I’m off to work. I will call you midday to let you know what time I’m leaving. Did you need anything before I go?

Her: Just your love for the day.

Him: Done

She goes on with her day as planned. Breakfast for the kids, homeschool related stuff and lunch out of the way. She takes a midday break shopping with the girls on Rodeo Drive. EJ: Mama, What kind of dress are you going to wear for the big day?

Her: I have the slightest clue.

EJ: You look fabulous in anything.

Her: Thanks dahlin’!

They walk along Rodeo Drive looking for bridal shops. Nothing catches her eye. She walks over to Wilshire and spots a wedding shop of her dreams.

Her: Let’s go in here and try on dresses.

EJ: Sure.

A plethora of sales associates storm her as she walks in. She has been watching sales girl even before entering the boutique.

Sales Associates: How may we help you? (five to come up to them)

Her: I’d like that young lady over there to assist me in trying on dresses for my wedding.

Sales Associates: She has no experience. She will mess up the order. Let us take care of you. (All five at the same damn time)

Her: No, Thank you. (Such gawkers)

The sales associates run over to get the sales girl she talks about.

Sales girl: Thank you for choosing me as your sales associate for today. What can I assist you with?

Her: I’m looking for a dress for my wedding day. It has to be lace with a sweetheart design. I would love the dress to be gold.

Sales girl: I can certainly help you with that. Let me pull some dresses and we can get started.

The Mrs. tries on several dresses. She explains to the sales girl that she needed to be out of the shop before the 2pm. The sales girl agreed and was grateful for the opportunity to work. She then fell in the middle of the show room with a handful of dresses. Her colleagues laughed until the Mrs. bought every dress the sales girl was holding. She not only made her commissions for the month she was set for 6 months.

Her: Let this be a lesson to all of you. Be kind to everyone. So I’ll say yes to dress……

Him: Calling her. I can’t get off early but I am looking forward to seeing you this evening.

Her: Sounds good dahlin’ I will see you this evening. Love ya.

Him: Love you more. (They both hang up the line.)

Sales girl: Can I offer my services in styling your wedding team?

Her: Why, yes. I look forward to working with you.

She was so excited about the dresses she picked out and forgot to ask about accessories. He calls her.

Him: Would you like to have drinks later?

Her: Only if you wear your red speedo? (LOL)

Him: I’d love too. Can you have it ready for me when I arrive? Make sure you wear that red baby doll lace dress I got you for Christmas.

Her: I’ll wear it and bring some whip cream to lick off your water slide.

Him: Is that a promise?

Her: It’s a guarantee.

He gets home after the kids are asleep kisses them and heads to the bedroom with her favorite wine, two wine glasses and pink rose petals in hand. Put this on. He snatches off his clothes and puts on his red speedo. She takes her time in touching him. He touches her one finger at a time. Oooooo don’t stop. The touching and humping continued. He wants to make her every desire a reality.


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