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Brother’s of the knight Debbie Allen


Brother’s of the Knight is a great children’s play. The cast gave a stellar performance in the ensemble at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. The soundtrack was perfect with the narrator being a dog was a complete surprise and treat. The amount of talent on the stage was mind-blowing knowing that most of the cast members are the ages of my kids. It had something for everyone. My favorite part and song the wedding, Will you dance with me was the song that stole my heart. A very special thank you to the dance academy for a great evening.

Brothers of the Knight soundtrack Music by Debbie Allen & James Ingram

I loved the music so much I bought the soundtrack as a gift.

Catch the play at a theatre near you. Visit their website for more information

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Beachie Beauty's on Set

Lifestyle Bloggers Conference #lallblog14

wpid-IMG_20140327_195406.jpgOwner Gabriel Hernandez Besame Cosmetics

Thursday’s VIP reception was a girl’s paradise and its networking potential was priceless. Besame Cosmetics invited us to their Burbank Studios for a chance to experience a classic and vintage feel for make-up. Owner Gabriela Hernandez vision of glamour takes me back to the film noir era. Where woman didn’t apologize for being who they are and wore the smack out of makeup. Her style gives you a spirit to dress up every day with grace and elegance in mind. The lipstick, cashmere powder, soufflé foundation and cake mascara are every girls dream. Though I don’t wear makeup her product makes you want to try it daily and leave you to feel like a Hollywood dame.


I really loved the gold metal compact. Its custom design can be refilled with your choice of shades. You can apply it wet or dry. I absolutely love the puff applicator; it gives you an excuse to leave any dinner table to powder your nose. Lol


Every girl loves a great lipstick. A semi-matte finish enriched with vitamins A, E, and C aloe and green tea you’ll get a full coverage with a smooth finish. The exact hues of vintage reds are a reproduction that was used in old Hollywood. Besame’s cake mascara is a two in one. You can have lushes lashes and brows. The soufflé foundation and cake mascara are fragrance and paraben-free.

I love the owners take on makeup, it’s fresh and innovative. A special thanks to Pure Sweetery who offered us gluten, dairy and soy free dessert, Triple VooDoo provided us with drinks, and JustFab swag bags were loaded with all kinds of goodies.

Shop by her Burbank Studios today! Besame Cosmetics

The day of the conference was stellar with guest appearance by fashion extraordinaire Daniel Musto his inspiring speech and lovely hashtag neck wear left us with a notion that everyone matters and to always smile when you meet someone. We went on to experience on how to network and the tech side of blogging. Coffee was provided by Stumptown Coffee Roasters Lunch Stone Fire Grill Drinks by OnBeverages.


Daniel Musto and I “Be nice to everyone, sprinkle a little bit of fun with every experience. People will remember that.”

The conference offered us the best. Second day of the conference I started off with Stumptown coffee which by the way keeps you alert throughout the day. Our guest speaker for the morning was none other than Patricia Velasquez whose words of wisdom I will cherish. “Life will never give you something you can’t handle, everything that happens is good for you, no matter how bad it looks.” Legal one on one with Rosa Elena Sahagun was a must for getting your contracts in writing even the verbal ones. She was  followed by SEO expert Claudia Havi Goffan whose positive energy kept the room lit with sunshine on it’s brightest day.


Claudia Havi Goffan “Building an email list is crucial to blog monetizing.”

Fournier provided great tax advice. “Put aside 25-45% thru the year to pay taxes at end of year or quarterly. Percent flexuates with income.” After taxes came lunch provided by Fresh Brothers. I couldn’t get a proper photo because my face was in the plate. lol I met so many business owners who are willing to take the next step to optimizing their visibility. We had a pretzel chips snack break followed by an ethics panel and an inspiring story of business owner Ana Guajardo of ChaCha covers for your nails.


I would recommend this event to every blogger or business owner serious about taking steps to enhancing or even to give their blog a face-lift for the globe to see. Personally for me the experience was a life lesson that the universe will give you everything you need. All you have to do is show up and work hard. A special thank you to the organizers of the event for such an amazing experience. I love seeing woman grow together, its very rare. Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge and understanding of how a business should run. See you next year!!!! #lbnc15