Date Night

The Man Who Cheated Himself #filmnoir #1950 #besame #perfume #llblog


The wealthy belle (Lois Frazer) divorces her husband, kills him with the gun he purchased in front of her new beau Lt. Ed Cullen a homicide detective. Lois Frazer convinces him to get rid of the body and hide the murder weapon. Everything was great until Lt. Ed Cullen takes over the case with his brother Andy. The gun is found and is used in another murder. Andy the younger brother is trying to pin the murder on Ed. He bounds and gags Andy and tell Lois they have to run because his brother was getting too close. Ed overhears Lois begging her lawyer offering him anything to not get convicted….  This movie is a must see!

I put on my 1950’s Besame Cosmetics fragrance to get in the mood.


Andrea Price


Date Night

Movie Night

I love classic movies. Tonight’s dig is a favorite. Sunset Blvd.

Sunset-Boulevard-movie-posterphoto courtesy of Wikipedia

It’s about a bankrupt screenwriter taking refuge in the mansion home of an out of work silent screen actress Norma Desmond played by (Gloria Swanson) on Sunset Blvd. Gillis  (William Holden)  realizes that he is effectively imprisoned in the home, and his best efforts cannot save him from an inevitable and violent end. Directed by Billy Wilder. It takes place in 1950. Must see for a movie night with your honey.