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Highlights from Eleventh Annual Food & Wine Festival April 5-8, 2018 #foodie #beachiebeautytravels

Angie Mar & Nadmi Pomeroy are a cut above the rest. With their chefs delectable bits, these two chefs tasty treats were served beautifully. Every now and again you come across an event or food that you love. Look no further, this year’s food and wine festival did not disappoint.

Guests poured out their great ideas amongst the table patiently waiting for just a small taste of greatness.

Behind the scenes look at both chefs in action. Food so good make you wanna smack your ex boyfriend.

A special thank you to Danielle &Julia for the invite. #beachiebeautyapproved

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Beachie Beauty Travels

Eleventh Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine Festival April 5-8, 2018 #beachiebeautytravels

The eleventh annual food and wine festival is happening this weekend and you should be apart of it. Headquartered in wine country we are here to say this event should not be missed.

From lunch demonstrations and nightlife you’re sure to find some fun eats and drinks to enjoy while being lead on property built for kings and queens.

The Inn at Spanish Bay gives a unique feel to the everyday hotel. She has beauty, style and grace. Her architectural design leaves you in awe.

Nestled right on the 17 mile stretch comes along a narrow path you get to enhance a history like no other. Pebble beach golf resorts has been celebrated as one of the top golf destinations in the world. Take a peak at what you’ll see and grab your tickets.


A special thank you to Danielle and Julia for the invite. #beachiebeautyapproved

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Paris, France #beachiebeautytravels #winterwonderland

paris 2
Our winter wonderland extravaganza continues with Paris, France. A go to place to live, explore and shop. Our map takes us to a fashion stop like no other. Tour the eiffel tower to get a cool view of the city. Have lunch at the one the restaurants and be in awe of its beauty at the end of the evening when it lights up.
Slow down to take a visit at the Louvre museum , while there a peak at the Mona Lisa herself is all the rave. The museum is a small cost and you can take practically all day just viewing artifacts. After you have indulged in your favorite art scheme be sure to stop for a bit to eat. They’re  plenty of eateries around to take in the sites.
Champs-Elysées in winter is magical when you want to stroll with your love one. Rick Steves one of my favorite travel guys says so. As you make your way in the city you will notice lots of shops. Be sure to visit some, and keep me in mind.
champs elessys

Andrea Price #beachiebeautytravels

Beachie Beauty Travels

Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt Austria #beachiebeautytravels #winterwonderland

Bio-Hotel Stanglwirt Austria

This article is for informational purposes only.

Hospitality is important when picking a place to call home for a few days. The Bio-Hotel in Austria is no different. More than 400 hundred years old this special gem can become your winter wonderland getaway when looking for a couples destination.
Tyrol is a region that has always linked the north of Europe with the south. Peaceful lodging, wholesome Tyrolean cuisine you’ll find a piece of love in every square inch of wonder.
The “hospitality award” was presented for the first time in 1609, and in 1643 it went to Johann Stangl as “landlord of the Prama” – and ever since, the inn has been carrying the name “Stangl”. And when guests say good-bye to us and tell us “… we had great expectations when he arrived. They were not met, they were far exceeded!” then this means that tradition and service have not changed for centuries.
As a five star hotel that has restaurants, spa, sports and more. You can relax and enjoy yourself with a perfect pool and view. Don’t you just love the winter? If you’re in the area let us know your experience.

Check out their website for more information. #beachiebeautyapproved

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The Beach House at Lovers Point Carmel, California #foodie #llblognotaconf

Beach_House_Dinner_View_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1).jpg

The Beach House at Lovers Point is so romantic if you’re taking that special someone day or evening. Panoramic views, full bar and heated outdoor patio you will not be disappointed in this restaurant with an amazing California cuisine menu. We arrived at 6:30pm, let me just say words cannot describe how beautiful this restaurant is at every angle. They have plenty views from every table, with great service and food. You will put it on your list as the best place to dine. The Solarium is the outdoor patio which recently got an update. Solar panels to shade you from the sun and protect you from foggy weather. Take a look at some scrumptious photos from dinner.

Beach_House_Dinner_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)
Beach_House_9_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)
Beach_House_7_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)
Beach_House_4_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)
Beach_House_6_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)

Beach_House_2_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)

Beach_House_10_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (2)

The Beach House at Lovers Point
620 Ocean View Blvd, Pacific Grove, CA 93950
 (831) 375-2345
To view their menu click here:

A shout out to our organizer Padma Media from the Lifestyle Bloggers Collective and to the sponsors of this event thank you. All opinions are my own. #beachiebeautyapproved


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Artist Spotlight Patricia Qualls #llblognotaconf


Our final excursion, a 30 minute drive from our Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel, California to a place of wonder and discovery. It has been known that one can express anything through art and our host has done just that. In her formal day a stock broker then clinical psychologist Patricia Qualls always came back to her first love, art. She asked us each to find a painting that spoke to us and the one above was by far a cherry in my eye. It reminded me of a dancing ballerina in a pink and gold tutu.  A painting is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes and each one of great pieces of work gave a story that will live on a lifetime.

Patricia Qualls_2_Ana Lydia Monaco_Lifestyle Bloggers Collective (2)

Her motto to follow your passion is how people should live. Take a look at more of her extraordinary pieces from her collection.

Peaceful Night from Patricia Qualls




A special thank you to Patricia Qualls for inviting us into her artist studio.

Open Daily, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. & Tuesday by Appointment

Phone: (831) 245-7117

Gallery Address
Patricia Qualls Contemporary Art
15 West Carmel Valley Road
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

A shout out to our organizer Padma Media from the Lifestyle Bloggers Collective and to the sponsors of this event thank you. All opinions are my own. #beachiebeautyapproved


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Beachie Beauty Travels

Henna, Essential Oils and Other Middle Eastern Beauty Secrets in Dubai #dubai


Dubai is a multinational city. Being there, you will find beautiful women from all over the world. While their beauty is totally different according to their local beauty standards, there is something common between them. Every woman comes to Dubai has to try the traditional Middle Eastern beauty secrets, such as henna, essential oils, and others because this city has the best Oriental beauty products suppliers from all over the world.

Benefits of Applying Henna

Arab women believe in the magic meaning of applying henna. That’s why there are many wedding traditions related to applying henna. According to the ancient beliefs, henna can protect from evil, gives positive energy and increases the fertility. Dubai is the city where you can find the highest quality henna and enjoy elegant tattoos for about two weeks.

In the hot Dubai weather, henna will save you due to its cooling properties. Thousands of years ago, it was the only way for desert people to survive in hot weather.

And the final reason to apply henna, is its exotic beauty. You will be in the center of attention in any event with an elegant henna tattoo.

Essential Oils is a Must Have by Arab Women

Middle Eastern women use essential oils in all possible ways: they apply it on hair, on the body, add drops of oil in the bathwater and use it as an ingredient in facial creams and masks.

The highest quality of essential oils that you can find only in Dubai will soon make your hair thicker, your lashes longer, and the skin shiny.

The most common oils are argan, rose, and lavender oil. Along with their benefits for the beauty and relaxation, they have an amazing fragrance that will attract the man you love.

Turmeric and its Benefits

Turmeric facial masks are used by Arab women over the centuries. The main component of turmeric that moisturizer and exfoliator face and reduces redness is photochemical called curcumin. The turmeric has a great anti-inflammation effect.

Main benefits of using turmeric for beauty needs are as follows:

  • Facial hair control (applying turmeric masks on the problematic zones slows the growth of facial hair).
  • Anti – aging effect.
  • Anti – bacterial effect.
  • Makes skin more elastic.
  • Lights pigmentation.
  • Reduce dandruff and hair loss.

High-Quality Makeup Products

In Dubai, you are able to buy any famous beauty brand from all over the world. Women in Dubai are very choosy and will never use low-quality makeup products, which makes the competition on the beauty market higher and consequently the best quality of the best in the world.

Whatever you are looking for perfumes, lipsticks, mascara, eyelashes, or eyeshadows; in Dubai, you’ll find a huge variety.

While enjoying your time in Dubai on the beaches or while shopping, don’t forget about sun protection beauty products that, of course, also is well-represented in the city.

If you are still thinking to use these beauty secrets or not, I will remind you that Middle Eastern women are known all over the world due to their thick lashes, radiant skin and keeping the youthful beauty up to old ages.


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