Feathered Eyebows would you try them?

Hey guys! Long time no trend post. Well, today I have one for y’all and it’s on the latest trend: the feathered eyebrow. To be honest I’m not a fan of this trend and think it looks quite odd and cannot imagine anyone wearing this out. It does look cool in pictures though, I guess? […]

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Wordless Wednesday #weddingfantasy


sofia wedding dress 3
Image credit Sofia Vergara Instagram
sofia wedding dress 1
Image Credit Sofia Vergara Instagram & her new beau Joe Manganiello 
sofia wedding dress 2
Image Credit Sofia Vergara Instagram & her new beau Joe Manganiello


Sofia Wedding dress
Image Credit Sofia Vergara Dress Zuhair Murad


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Beachie Beauty Spotlight Sweet Vanilla Collection #ariyanarmani #whiteparty @ariyanarmani

aa33 - Copy
Ariyan Armani Miller CFO http://www.ariyanarmani.com
Ariyan Armani Miller is the CFO “Chief Fashion Officer” of this amazing company.  She’s taking the initiative to break the glass ceiling and shatter every obstacle that has come her way.  
This young lady is setting a new standard when it comes to hard work.  Ariyan is 19 years old, a full time student at Delta College, an Executive Event Coordinator for the Best Western Hotel and now a blossoming Entrepreneur.  She’s a 3rd generation Fashionista and always had an eye for style.  
Her ability to appreciate beautiful things paved the way for her to develop a strong presence in the industry.  Stay tuned because this young business woman is just getting started.  There’s definitely a prosperous journey ahead for her as a tenacious trailblazer.  
Sweet Vanilla Collection http://www.ariyanarmani.com
ARIYAN ARMANI is one of the most innovative online Fashion Boutiques the industry has seen in a long time. She’s taking a unique approach to marketing and branding.  Her motto is simple “We want our valued shoppers to feel like their apart of a movement.” 
The Signature Collections have been created to enhance the overall experience that everyone receives when they purchase a piece from their website.  Ariyan Armani’s  goal is to inspire women of all ages by providing a place for them to explore affordable fashion in a high end atmosphere. 
Upcoming Events
July 12th
The Grand Opening & Celebration is taking place at a private location and  by invitation only. RSVP here: ariyanarmani@yahoo.com
 For more information on how to order from this collection and others visit their website http://www.ariyanarmani.com
Congrats to this young lady on being the change we wish to see. #beachiebeautyapproved
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Beachin’ Beauty Alert… #Singapore


I love my new swimsuit. Trying it out on the beach for the first time in Singapore was a challenge. It allowed me to be myself after having my sixth child. Yes, you read that right. I’m a mom of six and travelled to another country to try out this new suit.

A special shoutout to Lenceria Boutique for having excellent customer service and the owner for a heart of gold. #Beachiebeautyapproved

Lenceria Boutique
7619 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA. 90046

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Snakes on an airplane #narita #japan


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked passed these cowboy boots. I found myself in a western with a cool blade in my hand huntin’ supper for that nights dinner. Whispering sweet nothing’s in my favorite cowboys ear about how he can put  just his boots on for a great photo shoot. Then he would say “Gurl this aint no Hollywood get yo tale over here and fix my plate.” #beachiebeautyapproved

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Jimmy Choo #spring #singapore

Every girl should fantasize about the latest trends on her feet and wrist. The new spring collection from Jimmy Choo was by far my favorite color scheme. Check out my must haves.wpid-wp-1425407689371.jpeg



I got a love thang with Jimmy Choo and as you can see it’s going to be a benchin’ beachie spring! #beachiebeautyapproved #chargeit

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