36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival Presents $AVVY Women Money Freedom Review #sbiff

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$AVVY investigates historical, cultural, and societal norms around women and money, and explores with humor and honesty, why women often take a back seat to manage their money. COVID-19’s impact on the economy has opened our eyes to the harsh realities of financial fragility. Persistent gender roles around money leave women particularly exposed. Never before has it been so crucial for women to take the financial reins of their future.

Eight out of ten women in the U.S. will be solely responsible for managing their finances at some point in their lives. Yet 56% of women and specifically 61% of millennial women, still abdicate major financial decisions to the men in their lives. Women 65 and older are 80% more likely to be impoverished than men of the same age. Meanwhile, low-income women and women of color face heightened barriers to building and maintaining wealth.

$AVVY explores how and why financial culture sidelines women and celebrates women making inroads into the final frontier of gender parity, rallying us all to take an active role in managing our money. By diving into the intersections of money and gender, the film offers advice from experts on how women can be smarter with money by breaking taboos and gender roles, and recognizing that liberating our bank accounts is a step toward building the world in which we all want to live.

$AVVY is a way of changing the mindset of how you view the dollar. It teaches us how to confront our fears with money while we maintain motherhood, wife and self. This film told real stories about how each woman has overcame the fear of being without educating oneself about money. They made a plan, education was a key factor to getting on track in knowing about credit and personal finance. The best part, they we’re willing to create a better future personally. And earned the notion of teaching other woman to do the same. Its a must watch. #beachiebeautyapproved

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36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival Under My Skin (review) #sbiff

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Denny (they/them; played by four different non-binary/trans non-binary actors), a free spirited artist falls for Ryan, a strait-laced lawyer. Young love ensues, but when Denny begins to explore gender, Ryan’s ingrained values are challenged. As Denny finds they can no longer ignore their true self, pressures and tensions mount with Ryan. His inability to understand, and Denny’s unwillingness to submit to traditional gender roles soon causes a fracture. 

In their split, Ryan’s love for Denny guides him to take steps to understand and support. Despite their bond, however, Denny realizes that they cannot take the steps they need with Ryan. 

Ryan returns to the corporate ladder with little satisfaction. After an estrangement, Denny visits Ryan, and a new connection on new terms is borne. 

I have to say this film is very inclusive into non-binary/trans non-binary lives. Its a crisp take on how you see human beings differently. I love how it uses four different actors to play the part of Denny who is trying to fit in and earn her own life rewards. To the luck of a lawyer who loves Denny unconditionally and never seems to back down on how Denny see the life she wants to live. The direction of this film is beautiful. I hope all people are brave to live their truth as Denny and I also hope people are as bold to stand by love as Ryan. True testament to love.

It is now showing at the 36 Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Get your tickets it is showing April 9th Cliffside Drive-in 1pm-2:42pm #beachiebeautyapproved

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36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival presents The Knot (review) #sbiff

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In this suspenseful drama, Shirish and Geeta, an upper middle class Indian couple, accidently run over someone. Their differing reactions to the consequences of the accident reveal fissures in their relationship and put their values and beliefs to the test. THE KNOT explores class conflict, materialism, and guilt. It asks whether high walls and locked gates can banish inequality and class structure, or whether the complicity of the middle class infects our most intimate relationships.

THE KNOT was written and directed by first time filmmaker Ashish Pant.  Its stars Vikas Kumar and Saloni Batra. 

Ashish Pant gives a inviting rendition to a classic spin on trust and love. The Knot is how all textbook stories begin where the husband is willing to do anything to make his spouse happy and provide for a better way of life. They are stricken by the a motorist they hit and she feels guilty for doing so as he was in the way of their car. His wife feels bad about hitting the man. The story goes on into him saving a business and not knowing he hires the brother of the man he hits. It gives you a glimpse on what is behind the gates of glory to step outside to a poverty area that no one wants to live. The brother of the man she hits is trying to get out of where he is to just taste a portion of an upper class life. The wife is shielded by her husbands grasp and her willingness to remain humble she trusts this person and shall I say the end was soo good that I dont want to spoil it for you. Its a must watch, written well and the direction in the film was excellent.

It is now debuting at 36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival so get your tickets.

To buy tickets, go to: https://givebox.com/521020

A special thank you for the gem of a film. #beachiebeautyapproved

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36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival Presents Pan Hoot (Chimp Whisperer) Review #sbiff

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We live in a time where the things and people we love are not going to be here forever. It is what we do with these relationships that allow us to move in a way of love and certainty. I came across a documentary short film that displays the power of human connection and what we all must bring to humanity. Read on as we tell a story of hope.

Pan Hoot takes you along a journey where heartbreak, terror and war was happening at a time of replacement and renewal. In the short film you feel a sense of hope that one being can make the change for many generations to come. And Stany is one of those human beings that has turned rage and terror into glory. At an early age began working with chimps at a Halfway House in Bujumba, Burundi. A project started by Jane Goodall to rehabilitate chimps traumatized by mistreatment in captivity. Stany endured terrible heartbreak when his country erupted into civil war and the Tutsi began killing innocent Hutu in what was to become the Burundi genocide (Stany is Hutu).  After leaving his family in order to give them the best chance for survival, he followed the chimps that were relocated to Kenya for safety purposes and they became like his family.  It was then that he discovered his unique gift — the ability to communicate with mankind’s closest biological relatives – chimpanzees. Working with chimps gave Stany new meaning and purpose. He developed and perfected chimpanzee care and husbandry techniques that have been acknowledged and celebrated around the world including winning multiple global conservation awards for his pioneering chimpanzee work. Today, more than three decades later, Stany continues his work with chimps, at JGI’s Chimp Eden sanctuary in South Africa. Though he has faced much discrimination, injustice and hardship, Stany continues to rise above adversity, living a life of commitment, dedication and sacrifice. 

Here is a little background story on Chimp Eden:

Chimp Eden was established in 2006 and is the first and ONLY chimpanzee sanctuary in South Africa. This Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) South Africa Chimpanzee Sanctuary was created to provide a permanent and safe home for chimpanzees that have been misplaced from their natural habitats in Africa and rescued from shockingly cruel and abusive conditions.  From 17-year-old Sampa who was kept in a small cage for four years and developed extreme social anxiety to 23-year-old Cozy who was bred in a lab in the United States and subjected to horrific medical experiments, Stany cares for the 33 chimpanzees residing at the sanctuary with individualized care and love. This JGI chimpanzee sanctuary brings the world of chimpanzees closer to humanity through education end eco-tourism.

I really love the film as it portrayed that importance of how when we come together and care for one another we can make a difference in the world. I am especially thankful for Jane Goodall for providing such a safe haven for our earth most precious creations. A special thank you for a great story. #beachiebeautyapproved

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36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival March 31-April 10, 2021 #sbiff

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Join us as we enjoy the online festivities of the 36th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. Check out the celebrity tributes, panel discussions, filmmaker Q&A’s and over 100 films to viewed. They will have an in person high end beach side Drive-ins will include select films, all with free admission. RSVP is required 24 hours in advance for the Drive-in. Arrive early to reserve a great parking spot for you and your family.

Here are a few of the films that would be featured at this years festival.

Tickets are still available on their website at sbiff.org Hope to meet you there. #beachiebeautyapproved

Andrea Price
Editor at the Beach

Art and beauty Images, for you THE ARCHIPELAGO OF OGASAWARA: A charming, wild and isolated nature Author: IUCNweb . Source : flickr Ogasawara is an archipelago of Japan consists of a set of 30 islands gathered in three main groups: MUKOJIMA, CHICHIJIMA AND HAHAJIMA (The largest island is Chichi Island which has an area of […]

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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy

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Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy is a board certified plastic surgeon. He has worked as a professor at UCLA Medical Center for over 25 years and Chief of Plastic Surgery at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. He started the whole plastic surgery division at City of Hope for reconstructive plastic surgery. Dr. Lesavoy is an author of three books and has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers. You may recognize him from the hit t.v. series Extreme Makeover, Nip Tuck, Discovery Channel and more.  Read on in our exclusive interview….
1. What is a traditional facelift?
Neck and face lift surgery can be performed under local anesthesia with some oral sedation. Aging, increased sun exposure, stress, and the effects of gravity can lead to unwanted changes on people’s faces. Deep creases can be apparent and form between the nose and the mouth. The jaw line may weaken and begin to grow slack. Patients may also spot folds and fat deposits on their face.

Rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck and cheeks. This procedure has to be performed in a certain way. Most surgeons do it under general/local anesthesia for him it takes roughly two hours for the facelift. The recovery time for this procedure is approximately two weeks.

2. What is breast augmentation?
Depends on the breast size of the patient and large than may go but with general anesthesia, silicone implants is what he prefers to use. The most common place for the incision is in the armpit crease its not as visible. Recovery time a patient can drive themselves 2-3 days after it takes place and typically 3-4 weeks after having the procedures.

3. What does the mommy makeover tummy tuck includes?
It all depends on the patient, and it may include breast lift, tummy tuck and liposuction. Each procedure has its own surgery recovery time. Be sure to call in and ask specifically for what you may be looking for your body type.

4. What is Vaginal Lapiaplasty?
The labia minora or lips of the vulva are the tissue located on each side of the vagina.
They can be of various shapes and sizes. These include normal to large sizes that are sometimes referred to as elephant ears.
Vaginal lapiaplasty takes about an hour under local anesthesia. Driving in 2-3 days. A full recovery is 6-8 weeks and not to have sexual intercourse until after that time.

Andrea Price

A special thank you to Dr. Lesavoy and his team for a great interview #beachiebeautyapproved

​To learn more about any procedure that Dr. Lesavoy or to schedule a consultation go to his website:

Lesavoy Plastic Surgery

Email him directly


Dr. Malcolm Lesavoy
9301 Wilshire Boulevard, Unit 410
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Phone 310-248-5451 


The love of bees in green, active and healthy Slovenia dates far back into the past, and this passion has been passed from generation to generation for decades. Simply put, Slovenia is the land of bees and Europe’s top destination for Api Tourism. Slovenia is the land where the tradition of beekeeping is written in the…

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