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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Tim Sayed

Dr Tim Sayed, MD, MBA
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In our exclusive interview we learn about, Dr. Tim Sayed a board certified plastic surgeon. He has an electrical engineering and computer sciences program degree at Berkeley. His surgical residency took place at Harvard’s Medical School oldest teaching facility, Massachusetts General Hospital.  He underwent further specialty training at USCF for plastic surgery. Dr. Sayed holds numerous accolades from different prestigious medical associations locally and nationally. Read on as we talk about plastic surgery….

Q.  How did you know that plastic surgery was right for you?
A. I was always interested in research labs, technology tissue engineering. Surgery was a great way to use my hands. Volunteering with a plastic surgery in Houston, I found it very compelling that people are happy with what they do. Taking care of men and women of all ages from a artistic and scientific side is also a reward.

Q. What are the differences between breast augmentation, reduction, lift and reconstructive surgeries?
A. A breast lift is about moving the tissue upward. You want a lift not to loose a cup size, which may happen. A reduction is removing a significant amount of tissue from the breast in a way that it looks smaller. Augmentation is straight forward imputing implants or fat transfer in order to make the breast larger. Taking measurements of breast symmetry, where the nipple is placed. The reconstructive surgery uses a lot of tissue from other locations and is typically for cancer patients.

Q. Did you know 10% of persons that get implants can result in a rare cause of capsular contracture correction? So we asked, How do you perform the capsular contracture correction? Recovery time?
A. The condition occurs when breast augmentation implants are placed on top of the pectoralis muscle. Capsular contracture correction depending on how the breast is distorted can in cases cause pain. Removing the prior capsule or tissue re-positioning, releasing scar tissue. It’s tightening of tissue, that the body develops around an implant. A small risk, that you take when trying to minimize risks. Keller funnel allows the surgeon to insert the implant into the surgical pocket using a non-touch technique. We ask that patients have strict activity for 2 weeks to recover.

Q. How do you perform the tummy tuck?
A. Tummy tucks is removing of extra skin from the abdomen, especially in the lower area and also to get rid of pannus. Tightening the musculature and correct laxity of the core structures.  We typically use general anesthesia for this procedure. Dependent on how must tissue is to be removed will determine the length of the surgery. On average the tummy tuck takes about 2 1/2 hours.

Q. How do you perform a facelift on a male? What are the similarities to women?
A. Males are less likely to raise the brow. The facelift is pretty much the same its just positioning of the incisions patient to patient. But women would get more done, like the brow lift, eyes, lips etc.

Q. What is hi-def male abdominal etching?
A. Hi-def abdominis muscle are for patients who workout which is used for contouring.

Q. You have a computer science engineering degree, Are you a part of any technology product(s)?
A. I was asked to build a electronic medical record for plastic surgeons by one of the fastest growing healthcare startups. He has also worked on crisilax virtual reality program.

To learn more about Dr. Tim Sayed and the services that he offers visit his website or give the office a call.

Dr. Tim Sayed
1441 Avocado Avenue
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A special thank you to Dr. Tim Sayed and his patient coordinator for their kindness. This article is for informational purposes only. All opinions are my own. #beachiebeautyapproved

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