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Carmel_Hofsas_House_Erin_Miller_HorsingAroundLA (1)Northern California boasts some amazing landmarks. Celebrating 70 years of serving the City of Carmel, this boutique hotel has the views and service to prove you’re in the right place. Its marvel beauty comes at a perfect time to explore the masses. Donna Hofsas and her husband Fred bought a few small cottages in the late 40s to begin what is now a 38 room phenomenon. Its European style was my favorite part, throughout the property its influence gives the place a unique vibe.

The mural is right outside the front of the hotel by Maxine Albro this piece was painted and competed in 1957.
Donna and Fred stayed on the property while it was being constructed. The family suite room 9/10 are available to guests today and are the original cottages Fred and Donna occupied. This property is amazing, with panoramic views of the ocean it truly takes your breath away. Upon arrival the hotel planned a special schedule for us to enjoy while we were in town. You too can have a special schedule catered to you and your party, just ask the front desk for recommendations and they will take care of the rest. Did I mention that Carmel is a pet-friendly and so is Hofsas House.

We checked into our rooms with wine and cheese waiting which was a nice treat from the drive. Hofsas House offers a variety of services. Continental breakfast is apart of your stay. With partners at six different golf courses in the area. A couples massage, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Carmel walk by the sea passport, a walking trail, you can even have your room decorated for an anniversary, romantic getaway or birthday.

We met with Carrie Theis the owner who took great care of us, she made sure every detail was covered down to the food menu. As we headed off to the poolside meeting room, our first activity was honey tasting with Jake Resisdorf.
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This 14 year old entrepreneur started this business as a school project. He was so interested in the subject and how bees are treated he wanted to do more and Carmel Honey Company was born.  Did you know the honey bought in grocery stores  are fake? When Jake told us about how the nutrients are watered down and put on the self I have since stopped buying it. Honey has a lot of beauty capabilities. You can use it as an acne mask in the evening time before going to bed. If you have bad breath eat a teaspoon of it and then brush your teeth afterwards. If you’ve had hiccups you can eat a spoonful of honey may get rid of them.

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As we wrapped up our honey tasting, dinner was on our minds. Dinner at Abalonetti’s came at a perfect time. The lighting of the restaurant was divine, service impeccable and the company and conversation made it worth every bite.

Fisherman’s Wharf

The food, let me just say that the food lifted you unto a place of being. I was stuffed by the end of the meal. Dessert came out and I almost passed out. lol

After dinner we had a girls mixer in our rooms and that was a real treat. As the first day came to a close the remaining days of the trip was too marvel. Come back to follow my journey in Carmel.

A special thank you to our organizer Padma Media from the Lifestyle Bloggers Collective sponsors for an amazing experience. Check out the swag bag we received.

Although this is a sponsored post all opinions are my own.

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