Travel & Adventure Show Los Angeles Feb. 18-19, 2017



Are you ready for travel season? Do you need more ideas or tours to get you to that special destination to clear your bucket list? Every year I set a goal to explore a different part of earth for an amazing experience. Its with great aspiration that I present the world of all possibilities to my children and provide a healthy culture of influence to music, art, language and people. The world is a better place when we look around and ask our neighbors about what’s new going on. The best places are found word of mouth, and this year of discovery is no different.

You never know who you’re going to meet, keynote speakers include Rick Steves, Andrew Zimmern and Peter Greenberg. All have an impressive resumes from around the world. Get advice on packing, tech trends, budgeting and more. Bringing the kids, there are booths that will spark  great ideas for kid friendly travel.

Get a taste of  culture at the Taste of Travel Theater. The Global Beats Stage is not to be missed. Whether its a staycation or a vacation abroad this is a show not to miss to get all the information you  need. Hope to see you at this year’s Travel & Adventure Show.

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A special thank you to Marketing Maven for the invite. #beachiebeautyapproved