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Tyrese directorial debut was an honor to see. Just like many of his other accomplishments I love his work and work ethic. The Black Book deals with a number of issues that most people aren’t willing to talk about alzheimers is one, domestic violence, relationship problems, kid issues the works. Tyrese takes you on an experience that is all so common in the black community.He explores what a man goes through when trying to hold on to the love of his life. V. Bozeman plays the lucky women that he’s falling in love with. Can you imagine life without the one you love. It was hard to watch the both of them go at it in the beginning scenes because I’ve seen it happen to so many. Fighting to stay in your own lane often times zigzagging to get your point across in order for the other person to sit and listen to what you want and vice versa. The arguments come in when you both are trying to unwind from the days work. The kids are nagging for attention and all you can muster up is wait let me get myself together. In other words you can’t break me from the short music film.

If you have not gotten the black rose album you are definitely missing out on some great R&B. Love is in the air with the message of saving love embracing it and imagining that you can have it all in this day in age. Have you explored what love really feels like. or DO you stick with a person even when they show you their true colors. Its not you, its me philosophy has women wondering what the latest buzz is all about with The Black Book.

It debuts a new track which will be this summer women’s anthem. V. Bozeman gives us her all in this epic display of her love for music and acting. Yes this girl has got it. Love me some V. Bozeman be sure to to watch the video and buy Black Rose the album in stores now.
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Andrea Price