Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation #plasticsurgery


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Here is an excerpt from our exclusive interview with Dr. David Matlock

Q. On, Brazilian Butt Augementation, How do you determine the size and do you use implants?
A. No, I don’t use implants at all. I use the patients own fat, so in this procedure we have to do two things first we sculpture out the most aesthetic procedure butt, second we take out the fat, process it, 95% of the fat is live. I inject about 6% into the butt muscle to lift it. Size wise is not dependent on what the patient wants its how much fat the patient has so it just depends. They have to understand the shape and size of the butt is like that for a reason. The butt may not be receptive to the fat. We have to look at the structure of the butt and be realistic on what we can and cannot achieve. Then relay that information to the patient.
Q. How long is the surgery and recovery time for Brazilian Buttocks Augmentation procedure?
A.The surgery for the brazilian buttocks augmentation is dependent upon the number of areas the patients height, weight, size the number of areas we’re treating or  liposculpturing. So its really that, it can be  90 minutes to 4 hours. We’d like to ask the patient which areas they would like to get done before we start. Post surgery it tends to be bruising, swelling and pain.

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Andrea Price