Sun & Grace in African Love

Sun & Grace have an unusual romance. They meet at an untimely hour of the day. She just witnessed her old flame with someone else. Sun wants to sweep her off her feet with erotic dates you won’t believe. He is a hopeless romantic. Sun only thinks of her each second, of the minute into the hour he thinking of how and where he could express his love for her. He meets her after work and speaks to the office staff about how lovely she is when hes around her.  They go out for drinks, to the spa when it matters and extravagant vacation. To keep it spicy Sun likes to surprise Grace with flowers from the region their in. Grace loves writing him love notes to keep his interest. The two together make a dynamic duo.

Here’s a snippet from African Love Beachie Beauty next e-book.

Act 6

Love endures forever…..

Dear Grace,

I want to express my love for you right now so listen to me. I began this journey in Singapore wanting and yearning to learn more about you and have your every wish and dream become reality. I had often wondered when GOD would send me a good
sweet and loving woman. I say this with a full heart, you are my everything. Words escape me when I speak of you. I have to be frank. I’m madly in love with you.  Waking up is the best feeling in the world because you make it that way. The love I feel in my heart goes far beyond my wildest dreams. I can only imagine what life will be like in the future but I do know who holds it. Meet me right before the sun sets.


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