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Natural Beauty Secrets from New Zealand #newzealand


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New Zealand is a perfect country for traveling for many reasons, including the huge variety of flora. More than 80% of local plants can’t be found anywhere else. But did you know that these plants are not only nice but also very beneficial for women’s beauty? Ecology clean plants make New Zealand the world’s leader provider of natural skin care products.

Why New Zealand Plants are great for Your Skin

What makes skin care products from New Zealand so special, is their ingredients that other brands just can’t even touch. Take a look at the most popular plants in New Zealand and their benefits for skin care.

Manuka Honey

It’s a special type of honey produced by bees that feed only from the Manuka shrub. Manuka honey has several benefits for the skin care:

  • Skin regeneration.
  • Dark spot treatment
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Anti-aging effect.

The most common way to use Manuka Honey is to apply it as a facial mask for 20 minutes. After wiping off the mask, rinse your face with cold water. For a better result, you can add cinnamon to your Manuka honey mask.


Kawakawa is a small shrub. The main benefit of this plant is anti–inflammatory effect, it’s so powerful that it may be able to treat eczema, bruises, scalds, sunburn, ringworm, and these are still not all benefits.

Kawakawa is also known by its rejuvenating and stimulating properties, that’s why it is usually used in skin conditioners that work well with all skin types.

You can find kawakawa as the main ingredient in many moisturizing creams and balms from New Zealand. By the way, Kawakawa has a fantastic effect not only for facial skin but also can be used as lip balm; and kawakawa oil has great relaxation effect while using it in the bathwater.


It may sound not so attractive that New Zealand lanolin oil is produced from sheep’s oil glands. However, it has an unbelievable moisturizing effect. Don’t worry, after sheep would be shorn, its wool follows long turn washing process; during this process beauty, companies get wool grease that also further washed to get finally clean lanolin. Usually to get ready products, companies add to the natural lanolin vitamin E to increase the antioxidant effect. Lanolin is the closest animal oil in the beauty industry to the human natural oil. You can enjoy its moisturizing and penetrating effects with no need to kill the animal.


Totarol is a natural compound from the Totara tree; this tree is known to grow for more than 1000 years. The totarol’s antioxidant effects are 3 times more powerful comparing with Vitamin E. That makes all skin care products with totarol the best choice between all anti-aging products. Additional benefits of totarol are following:

  • Anti- acne.
  • Antimicrobial (due to this property, also used as oral care product).
  • Destroy free radical (to stop the aging process).


Be sure, once you try organic cosmetics with Manuka honey, kawakawa or natural lanolin, you’ll fall in love in its quality and all people around will note the miracle changes happening with your skin.

Try something new with any of these natural beauty regimens.

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