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Singapore Love book cover

West and Grace are married, they go on a series of dates that lead to romance and love. Its interesting theme gives you a sense that Grace has it all. A decent man or so she thinks, good children being a stay at home mom and a recent part time job. Its care for herself is whats shes after and care for her love. Get ready for the most anticipated release of the 7 wonders of love. A e-book series that takes you on a love journey to have and to hold. You can pre-order your copy of Singapore Love here:

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……West arrives in his tux with calle lilies and seven gift boxes wrapped in her favorite postal paper. Each box has a drawing of different places they’ve been together from around the world. Shes caught by surprise and is wondering what the occasion may be….

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Love. May you seek it, reach for it, try it, abide by it, and most of all express it. #beachiebeautyapproved