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Vacation in Venezuela is a paradise for those who are looking for a rest on the beach. The Amazon jungle, amazing waterfalls with the highest waterfall in the world called Angel, and, of course, coral beaches of the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean islands prevail a tropical type of climate as all the year is 30-34 degrees at the day time.

Venezuela Popular Destinations

The centers of the beach destinations in Venezuela are Isla Margarita, Isla Coche, Cumaná, and Choroní.

Vacation on Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita meets every traveler with a warm, humid air and an atmosphere of everlasting relaxation. There are 168 Kilometers of beaches there. Surfing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding are the most popular types of entertainment on the island. On the most beaches, they have chairs and sunshades which are available for rent. After swimming, you can enjoy the traditional local food in the restaurants along the beaches. Playa El Yaque is the most famous beach on the island. This beach is very safe, because of there almost no waves. Around the beach, there are spa’s and restaurants.  If you are looking for a small beach or seclusion, then you’re welcome to Playa El Tirano.

Vacation on Isla Coche

Near to the Isla Margarita locates Isla Coche. This island will wonder you with very welcoming and friendly people, who are ready to dance salsa, merengue and reggaeton all the day. Island Coche is an ideal place for people who want to escape from the bustle of the city, so just stay in any all-inclusive hotel and just relax.

Vacation in Cumana and Choroni

Cunana is located on the northeast coast of Venezuela. Beautiful white sand and high palms beaches. Divers from all over the world comes there to Mochima National Park, as it has mysterious caves and remains of ships that were wrecked centuries ago hidden between the coral reefs.

The best beaches of Cumana are Playa Colorada, Playa Arapito, Playa Santa Fe and Playa Blanca. For snorkeling fans, islands of Chimana Grande, Canoa and Canoita are the best choice but bear in mind that these islands are closed from May until August because turtles lay their eggs.

Choroni offers comfortable beaches Playa Grande and El Diario; also, there are a huge amount of uncrowded places of the coast that can be reached only by boat. To enjoy pristine nature on the wild beaches, don’t forget to take with you a bottle of fresh water and barbecue.

Famous entertainment options on Charoni are snorkeling, diving and fishing. You have to visit the cocoa plantation and try the best cacao on the world in Choroni. For the Choroni guests, they’re comfortable hotels with a sea view, restaurants, and cafes with an excellent food and, of course, every evening on the Malecon you can dance with the fiery rhythms of the Latin music.

While traveling in Venezuela and enjoying its beaches, don’t forget to buy presents for your friends. The most famous and expected gift from this country is rum, but also, there are painted pottery dolls, hammocks as well as openwork baskets made by local Indians.

Check out Venezuela on your next trip.

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