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The best time to visit New Zealand is the summer. Remember that summer in New Zealand starts from the middle of November and continues till the middle of March. The country contains two big islands: North and South, and many other small islands. Vacation in New Zealand is always funny and active. Be ready to jump from a bridge with a rubber rope, fly on the plane’s body, to roll down from the hill into a big ball, dive, and surf.

Beaches in New Zealand

New Zealand has hundreds of amazing beaches on more than 9,000 miles of the coast. The swimming season on the North Island continues from November till April, and on the South island – only from December till March.

Beaches on the Coromandel Peninsula

Beaches there are sandy. The reason for their popularity is the high temperature of water and air in the summer season. The whole area is full of fabulous beaches; that’s why picking the best ones is a difficult task. However, the most recommended by tourists are the following:

  • Fletcher Bay.
  • New Chums Beach.
  • Matarangi
  • Hot Water Beach.
  • Onemana

All these best beaches of the peninsula are located on the northern and eastern sides.

Beaches on the Karikari Peninsula

Beaches on this peninsula are covered by the fine white sand. In the Northern point of the country, is the warmest climate and a wonderful ocean view.

Hot Water Beach

It’s the most unusual beach in the New Zealand and in the Southern Hemisphere at all. Through golden sand emerges naturally a heated mineral water. At the southern end of the beach, near mountains, everyone can make his own spa pool, absolutely for free. Such spa relaxation in a pool of hot water presents pleasure feelings, especially because of the refreshing sea just a few meters away.

Water Entertainments

Beach holidays in New Zealand are not about lying near the ocean, but it’s about active vacation. Whether you are looking for diving, fishing, surfing or wildlife, you will find them all on the New Zealand beaches.

Diving and Snorkeling in Kaikoura

The underwater World of Kaikoura contains amazing and unique sea creatures starting from the simplest invertebrates and up to giant whales. You can follow fur seals or even swim together with them.

Fishing in Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo is known as the best place for fishing for trout. There are several types of fishing there:

  • Wilderness fishing.
  • Night fishing.
  • Fly fishing.

Surfing in Raglan

Surfing on the Northern Island can be a bit hard because of the huge amount of other surfers there. Raglan is well-known as a surfing mecca. You will wonder there dramatically-scenic black sand coastline. If you are not a hard-core surfer yet, you can visit the Ocean Beach there, it’s a nice place to swim and to have surfing lessons in Raglan Surf School.

The traditional feature by the New Zealand people is to greet everyone you meet in the street. After this, they may continue friendly conversations. That’s why, as a result, the New Zealand trip will be not only unforgettable emotions due to the beauty of beaches and entertainment, but also you will have many new friends.

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