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Russia is the country that is known in the tourism niche through Moscow and St. Petersburg, but these cities are interesting for the cultural and historical trips. It will be interesting to know that Russia can be also visited as beach tourism destination.

According to the country’s climate, best time to visit Black Sea starts from the middle of June and continues till the middle of September, when the average temperature of the sea is +18 degrees. The most famous places on the Black Sea are Sochi and Crimea.

What to Wear on the Beach

In Russia you are free to choose any swimwear you like, there are no limits. Whether you like ruffles, frills, different accessories, or you prefer drawings and color combinations, you are welcome. This summer, bikini swimwear as well as one-piece swimsuits have the same popularity. Strapless bras, without laces and extra decoration are still in trend. Beautiful big ladies can be inspirited by the fashion of the second part of 20’s century while choosing swimwear for the beach trip in Russia.

Accessories for the Beach Trip in Russia

Impossible to imagine any fashionista without her bag, even when it comes to the beach fashion. First of all, the bag has to be big enough to hold all things that are definitely needed to relax on the beach. Second, it has to complete the beach look. This year, beach bags with patch pockets and zip compartments are on the top. Beach bag trends in Russia are characterized by bright, but not too flashy colors with a certain minimalist of decor.

Round sunglasses in John Lennon’s style are once again at the peak of popularity. Modern designers have presented mass of models of round sunglasses. Aviator glasses are also still popular in Russia. Good news for those who prefer pop-colored sunglasses, it’s really trendy in Russian summer resorts.

To protect yourself from the sunstroke, don’t forget to take a headwear with you. If you are still looking for a trendy decision, you have to choose between any hats in a fedora hats style. It looks perfect almost with any face shape. Hats with a solid frame are very original, can be modified and cover the face while sun basing.

As summer in Russia is full of surprises, it can be a bit cold after swimming, so take your favorite bikini cover-up with you. Flip-flops are also necessary accessories in Russian beaches, as there are rocks all over the beach. There is a big choice of awesome flip-flops that will turn your summer look into a new level of chic.

If you want to enjoy you beach vacation in summer, don’t forget about skin care products with SPF protection. If you have a white skin, then choose the product with SPF 50 and above. After sunbathing, don’t forget to apply on the skin your favorite moisturizing cream.

May be Russia isn’t yet a popular beach vacation destination, but it’s interesting to be a new place to think about. Now you know what to wear on the beach in Russia, it’s time to pack your bags.

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