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Beachie Beauty Exclusive Interview with Dr. Karyn Grossman #dermatology #plasticsurgery

Dr. Karyn Grossman
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Our Beachie Beauty Exclusive Interview with Dr. Karyn Grossman. She is a board certified cosmetic dermatologist, trained at Harvard Medical School her thought provoking innovations are like no other. Take a peak at our conversation on what some men should look for when asking the right questions in order to take care of their skin.

Q. What type of beauty regimen is right for men?
A. Its hard to say all men fall into one category. So it all depends on how old they are and what type of skin they have. Men in general compared to women like to have a more paired down beauty routine. In a sense you can get women to put on six different products  in the morning and evening its much more difficult to get men to do that. I encourage men to keep it simple so they can do the things they need to do. So whether your skin is oily or dry acne prone or not, there’s a basic routine that everyone can follow. That would be in the morning using a gentle cleanser that doesn’t strip or disrupt your own skin barrier and then using a moisturizer that has sunscreen with an anti-aging or anti-acne ingredient depending on skin type. At night use the same cleanser pair it with a moisturizer if they don’t have any issues going on with the skin.

Q. How often do men need facials?
A. A facial depends on what kind of skin you have. Lets say you have clogged pores and acne issues. That person would more likely to get a facial more often than not. People whom are acne prone, have facials once a month. It can be combined with extraction, light peels and microdermabrasion. Some people are more high maintenance than others for example some people touch up their roots once every two weeks some every six months. The same rule applies to men.

Q. Can you tell me a little more about Thermage®?
A. Its a radio frequency treatment to stimulate collagen production and strengthen and tighten the skin that you have. The treatment takes 2-3 hours when you do your eyes, face and neck. Its really the gold standard of tissue typing. It can used on the face, body, and on the eyelid from lash to crease to tighten the eyelid skin, on the forehead to help lift the brow. On the cheek and jaw line area to help control early sagging. It tackles cellulite and sagging skin.

Q. In a given time frame, how often can one get laser treatment?
A. It depends on the kind of laser you’re getting. Its usually done in 6 week increments. They typically maintain 2-3 times a year. Certain treatments are designed in a series. So it depends on the treatment.

Q. Can you explain Coolsculpting® by Zeltiq for men?
A. Coolsculpting is actually a favorite among men. Several reasons why its popular is theres no downtime, no surgery, no anesthesia no oozing or wearing a compression garment. Men tend to like coolsculpting, theres a thing called a cool mini where we can treat the kind of little fat underneath the chin it usually 1 or 2 treatments with pretty dramatic results, it causes a little swelling for that day but it doesn’t seem to bother patients very much. Men also love coolsculpting for the love handle area. Often when men are fit, its typically not responsive to diet and exercise. So its great on areas that you want to work on. Again coolsculpting doesn’t involve surgery or downtime or garments or oozing its most attractive to men. Another thing that’s unique for men and not in women doing the breast area. Men refer to it as the man boob. They have excess fatty tissue in the area. That area typically require 2 treatments maybe a third. People come in get hooked to a machine and depending upon the area you’re doing it would take 35 minutes to an hour. This year we will be decreasing the time that the person will be in the procedure to 35 minutes.

Q. Some men have the issue of excessive sweating, What do you recommend for that?
A. There are two great things for that, one is botox treatment where we inject botox into your armpits. It works really well and we typically need to repeat it about every six months. The other is one that is popular with men that is MIRADRY treatment it uses microwave technology that kills the sweat and odor producing glands in the armpits. Its actually extremely popular among men because a lot of men complain they ruin their clothing. Some men are tied of wearing t-shirts under their dress shirts so its a double benefit of reducing sweat and odor. It was originally developed for people who excessively sweat but what we really found is that people who just don’t want to wear deodorant or less of it love MIRADRY. For example I’ve tried MIRADRY and I haven’t wore deodorant in three years. That doesn’t mean when I’m at the gym I don’t sweat but day to day it works for me.

A special thank you to Dr. Karyn Grossman for the interview. #beachiebeautyapproved

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