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I was invited to an intimate luxury shindig over the weekend, Lifestyle Bloggers Collective Holiday Party. From beginning to end it was an extraordinary power of Joy. The event took place at iPIC Westwood, have you been? Talk about taking your theatre dining experience to the next level. Fit with reclining seats, a posh restaurant menu with a cocktail, and you’re all set for a fee of course.   We started off with brunch paired with small bites, mimosas, Myrka Dellanos as our guest host and a viewing of the movie Joy starring Jennifer Lawrence.
I have to tell you that Joy the movie was by far the most inspirational film this year. It was my story on the big screen. The spirit of the film brought new light to women entrepreneurs. As she took on family, work, and love she wanted more for her life. Being a small time girl with no business sense, she began to sketch out what would become a plastic mop invention of the ages. Her creation would be known by many all over the world through television.  She dreamt big at the things once were a gift as a child. Married to a person that didn’t believe in her dreams because he was stuck in his own misery really hit home. She got a divorce while he remained living with her, I would have told her that was a mistake. She eventually kicked him out when the lightbulb went off to make her dream a reality. She was her only option. She fell on hard times trying to figure out the business. At each obstacle, she fell down got up and kept moving. Joy’s story reminds me of all the women working hard to live their best life. Check out the trailer here: Joy


Photo credit Ana Lydia Monaco

The holiday decor was a favorite, Mr. Greentrees of Beverly Hills provided the garland which smelled divine. Our table settings were filled with fun gifts.

Myrka Dellanos our guest speaker is an Emmy Award-winning Journalist, author, television & radio show host. She spoke candidly about her experience as a women on the move and introduced us to her latest venture Myamor Organics. The skincare line takes great pride in providing you an organic product that is cruelty-free, made with essentails oils and moisterizes all wrapped into one. The first two products of the skincare line are the organic rejuvenation eye gel and retinol vitamin c&e which are available for you to purchase on Amazon now. The official launch of the full skincare line will take place next year. The doctor approved formula is an addition to your daily regime it will help unclog pores, repair sun damaged skin and strengthen the aging process. Learn more here:  Myrka Dellanos.

“JUST START! The key to achieving your dreams is starting!” Myrka Dellanos

The event wouldn’t have  been possible without the visionary and creator Ana Lydia Monaco. She is every woman. Ana created Lifestyle Bloggers Collective a platform geared to educating bloggers on how to turn your blog into a booming business. I am honored to know her as she sets out to further her own education through film. It was also great to catch up with other bloggers whom bring elegance to the world of journalism.

“Pay it forward.” Ana Lydia Monaco

A special thankyou to Myrka Dellanos for being our guest host. 20th Century Fox for Joy the movie. iPIC Westwood and Tanzy for being gracious in providing a great venue. Mr. Greentrees of Beverly Hills for the added decor. Check out more photos from the event.





Myrka Dellanos


I look forward to seeing you all next year. #beachiebeautyapproved

Andrea Price