Santa Monica Beach, California


Photo by E.J.O.

I love California, its one of my favorites places. This first stop on my 7 wonders of California Love brings me to Santa Monica.  It is 3 miles long, covering 245 acres of sand along Santa Monica Bay. Early one morning I enjoyed the bike and walking path. During the day you can catch a chess game or picnic. Most of the inspiration for the post is dedicated to the Santa Monica Mountains.


Photo by E.J.O.

For a fun activity visit the most famous attraction, Santa Monica Pier. Legend has it the pier produced 500 lbs Black Sea Bass that got away.


Istrolled down to set up next to the lifeguard station for a little R&R. It was a relaxing afternoon. Right across the way, Annenberg’s Beach House just so happened to be in view. Did you know that its open to the public and you don’t have to be a member to enjoy the facility? It was by far the best beach discovery. Santa Monica has a host of hotels and restaurants. If you’re in the mood for a movie Arclight Cinemas has a great show or two to take you over the moon. This was just another Fall day in California.


P.S. Here is a snippet of Santa Monica Love the e-book.

Beach Waves….
I wanted to hear the sound of his voice. I kept telling myself go to the beach. Listen to the beach waves, as he whispers sweet sayings in my ear. Beachie Beauty, he would always call me, meet me at Santa Monica Beach for this tidal wave of love. I had only wanted to hear his voice, then I turn around to see him carrying a picnic basket of goodies. Can I join you? Sure only if I can give you a head rub. Me a head rub. Yes you, a head rub. He placed the basket near her phat thigh……. Excuse me is that a tattoo on your phat thigh. Why, yes. Yes it is. Thats funny it looks just like my companies logo….. To be continued

Check back for another snippet of love.

Enjoy your beachie fall. #beachiebeautyapproved


Andrea Price