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Image credit Shari Eskenas

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I’d like to explore digital through a women’s eyes. We met at Silicon Beach Festival founded by Kevin Winston of DigitalLA, its a great event that brings the best of tech together . I came across  SoundBrake a product that I thought was innovative and sound. Read on for information about the founder of the project and what’s her interest in the tech space. Here is Shari Eskenas story:


Image credit Shari Eskenas

I had always been interested in robotics and I wanted to be a robotics engineer before I went to college.   With this in mind, I got my Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from UC Santa Barbara and my  Master’s degree in Digital and Computer Engineering three years ago from CSU Northridge. For my Master’s thesis, I created a “single-legged robot” that navigated using a unique locomotion method I hadn’t seen anywhere. Later on, I had many invention ideas that did not fit under the category of “robotics”. I soon realized that the motivation behind my graduate project was not actually to create something that necessarily fit under the “robotics” category, but rather to create something new that I hadn’t seen before. After all, robotics is an ideal that can be defined in many different ways. 

I got a job at an aerospace company, and I believe I got the inspiration for SoundBrake because of the no-headphones policy at work. We were told that it was a safety hazard to listen to headphones with the potential for being unaware of an emergency situation. I worked on SoundBrake in my spare time, as well as other ideas I had for electronics products. It took so long to get things done on my side projects because there was never any time to do things during the work week. When the weekend finally arrived, food shopping and errands seemed to occupy all my time. It was always at the back of my mind that I wanted to start a company, and my side projects would allow me to escape…eventually.

In Spring of 2015, I realized that I needed to focus full time on starting Sundae Electronics if I wanted to bring my ideas to life. I proved this point to myself after I accomplished more in six months than I had in years while working on SoundBrake on the side. I hadn’t known what to do next after making a prototype. After doing further design and research about the steps I needed to take to prepare for production, I was now ready to manufacture SoundBrake. I thought I knew exactly the job I wanted before I graduated college, but then I knew that I truly wanted to be an inventor and entrepreneur. 

What is SoundBrake?

SoundBrake is a headphone attachment that can be used with any audio player to alert you to important outside sounds while you’re fully isolated in your audio. When outside sound goes above a set volume level, SoundBrake temporarily silences your audio to alert you.  With SoundBrake, you will no longer miss out on hearing a door knock, phone call, announcement, or anything else unexpected!

Where can you purchase SoundBrake?

SoundBrake is now live on Kickstarter! Visit them on the web Sundae Electronics

Support women in tech!

It was a pleasure learning about SoundBrake. A special shoutout to Shari the creator for her courageous step for being a women in technology. #beachiebeautyapproved

Andrea Price