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Photo courtesy of ArcLight Cinemas Santa Monica

This is a review of ArcLight Cinemas. All opinions are my own.

ArcLight, Camera, Action…

I arrived at the Arclight for a premium movie upgrade. The ambience reminded me of Saks Fifth Avenue’s  show room. Since 2002 their mission is quite simple, create the best movie going experience ever. Hate it when a film of choice is sold out. Order early via the website or mobile app. Join more than 500k plus community friends when you sign up for an annual  membership. In a rush, don’t have internet, stop by the automated kiosk in the lobby. This girl loves different options. Costumes from The Danish Girl are on display behind the kiosk for a bit of history and a chance for you to see what your favorite stars wore on set. The display is changed often for a great fashion fix. Cool, right?

Photo courtesy of ArcLight Cinemas Santa Monica

The cinemas auditorium is a focal point, with 79,000 watts you’re able to get a full on IMAX experience without it being IMAX and its my favorite place. It brought a feel good love of movie going. What I like best about the theatre is that you have assigned seating.  So arrive on time with limited trailers and it being commercial free makes it all worth it.

Photo courtesy of ArcLight Cinemas Santa Monica

A great way to start your movie off, head over to the bar for a snack or cocktail. I enjoyed Godiva chocolate as a treat.


To top off my theatre upgrade, I had a chance to view a new film called Trumbo.  Set in 1947, successful screenwriter Dalton Trumbo played by Bryan Cranston and other Hollywood elite figures whom get blacklisted for their political beliefs. Mr. Trumbo took storytelling to the next level. Won Academy Awards for work he had to hide behind to feed his family. The film brought a new perspective of drive and determination that most people lack these days. People who have their hand out with no intent of producing fruit for themselves is mind blowing. Some of his friends sold him out to feed their families but he stood his ground. I believe that with a firm foundation you too can stand and be strong in the face of adversity. This movie will get a five star rating from me.

Did you know Arclight Cinema Santa Monica plays a variety of classic films weekly? Check the schedule here.

A special thank you to ArcLight Cinemas for their hospitality. #beachiebeautyapproved

Andrea Price