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James Harris aka Dewey Da Don & Novacain of the group Urban Republic is not your ordinary rap accessory. Born and raised in the rough streets of Kansas City. Dewey Da Don  began with a fresh start at Ushers New Look Foundation, their mission is to connect youth to leadership and make sound career choices to match their passion. Its with positive reinforcement that he believed in his American Dream. I encourage you to read an interview about Urban Republic on their way up…

Q. How do you encourage your audience to stay positive being that your lyrics and image in your videos say something different?
A. Dewey Da Don: as a leader you’re going to wear different hats. I’m a very passionate person. Its my life story. Its real and raw.
Novacain: by changing our environment and speaking about something different.
Q.What did Dewey Da Don learn from Ushers New Look Foundation?
A. I learned to stay focus on business and entrepreneurship. You have to be exposed to a new look. Educating yourself is key. Take a peak at James Harris before Urban Republic. Click here: Believe
Novacain told us a little about himself and how he became friends with Dewey Da Don. “We have been best friends since high school and music is what ultimately brought us together.”
The exuberant story of these young men is inspiring the dedication, determination and drive will make you want to learn more. They have beat the odds and has started a production company called Loud Pack Productions.

Listen to the Prelude  Mixtape here: Killa State of Mind

Urban Republic Group shot

Photo by: Thomas Springer Feets McCoy Films

“from the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks” Dewey Da Don
Q. Being a mom of six you teach your kids to give back, Will you in the future have a foundation of your own? If so, will you add coding?
A. Being surrounded by this type of energy it just calls you to do bigger things. I have a Swag Scholarship Fund which stands for Strong Willing And Gifted. Its to provide youth with resources to continue their education. This scholarship will provide $25,000 for 20 youth in Atlanta, Detroit, Milluakee, New York, and LA . When you use your passion to serve it comes out of the goodness of your heart.
Service is important for everybody.

“Stay humble and Hungry” Dewey Da Don

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Urban Republic’s music videos:

Heavy Artillery-
Blur –
Daddy’s Little GIrl –

Dewey Da Don
Photo by: Thomas Springer Feets McCoy Films

It was a pleasure being on the Media Day call. A special shoutout to Voltron Media for the invite. #beachiebeautyapproved

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