Beachie Beauty Spotlight Sequoia Blodgett #startupU

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Sequoia Blodgett is the beauty of all things. Her story will inspire you from here to the moon. An accredited commercial and music video director of nine years, working with such acts like K Michelle, Diggy Simmons and Justin Bieber. In 2014 she became really ill and doctors couldn’t tell her what was going on. They ran numerous tests, since it was a  unique situation the doctors couldn’t tell her what was happening. Reflection crept in and she decided that directing wasn’t a legacy she wanted to leave her mark.

Sequoia took a different approach in finding her passion being that personal development and self help is where her love lies. 7AMwas born. She looked up Tim Draper and she applied to Draper University got accepted with a partial scholarship. Draper University is where budding entrepreneurs take an intense course of action towards their dreams. Did you know that Tim Draper is a third generation venture capitalist? Sequoia tried to figure out why hadn’t it been turned into a reality show. As she would say, Draper University is like “Real World, meets Survivor, meets Shark Tank all in one show.” ABC Family picked up StartupU and the rest is history. I had a chance to be on a Media Day interview call and here’s what she had to say….

Q. How does one obtain an investor?
A. Have a strong team with a co-founder that has similar attributes. Traction, whatever your product or service you are offering has anyone used it and will continue to use it. Venture Capitalist look for market size. How big of a market opportunity is this? Are you able to solve a problem. And with this formula and good business plan you would be able to land an investor.

Q. What did she have to sacrifice?
A. She had to sacrifice her personal life.
Not everyone can do that but she did it for herself.

Q. What is your spiritual gift?
A. The gift of connection.

Q. What is it about 7AMthats different from other self-help platforms?
A. 7am is an e-learning format for personal development. They have accountability coaches ready to help you stay on course.

“You have to engage the customer.” Sequoia


Q. How do you juggle work and entrepreneurship?
A. Everyone has responsibilities. First you have to validate your idea in the beginning to see if you want to put all your eggs in one basket. Second start making products and create traction for your business then you can decide whether or not if working for someone else and building a business is right for you.

Q.What are your top 5  beauty products for fall?
A. Love, love, love Bobby Brown Foundation. When I take a picture I look flawless. Chanel mascara, talk about extension of the lashes for days. Sparkly nude Mac lip, Gel manicures because I hate chipped nails and a red lip when I’m not wearing a nude.

Q. What is your favorite vacation spot?
A. Hawaii, because its not far and I don’t like flying. lol

It was a pleasure interviewing Sequoia Blodgett. A special thank you to Voltron Media for the invite. #beachiebeautyapproved

Tune in to The Season Finale of StartupU on Thursday, October 15, at 5pm EST on ABC Family Network.  Check your local listings. Visit her new company website 7AM, an online marketplace for personal development.

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