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Beachie Beauty music alert with Jasmine Robinson also known for her stage name QT JAZZ is all you should have in your MP3 right now. She’s a fresh start to the tech era. I was introduced to her music and immediately fell in love with her vibe and presence she brings to the scene. Her smash hit Heels,Bags  is a favorite. It takes you back to the mall with its 90’s vibration of the almighty purchase. QT is a singer, songwriter, dancer and all around smash performer. She brings a work ethic like no other. As a Sprite Pour Reporter and Coke Representative she has set the bar for teens looking to get into the business in a professional way. I had a chance to be included in an exclusive interview and here’s your first take…

Q. Being an entrepreneur is a hard grind. What would be your advice to other entrepreneurs?
A. Make the business real for you. You want to be able to sell it.

Q. What was Kandi and Tiny’s reaction to her rendition on Understanding?
A. They loved it, she jokes about Zonnique from the OMG girls did her part over because they wanted a perfect sound. Have you heard it? Take a listen here:Understanding Remix

Proud that her retake of the late Aaliyah’s  At your best remix did so well on the sound cloud mentioning that it was a great feeling when it reached 10k plus plays.

Q. What are your personal goals?
A. To have a solid EP released in 2015, open for big artists, headline her own shows and have a full makeup line with foundation, blush and lip gloss. Did you know you can purchase her signature lip gloss line by clicking here: QT JAZZ LIP GLOSS

Q.Who would you love to work with musically?
A. Justin Timberlake and Timberland

Q. Is she open to having a barbie doll created?
A. She’s open to the idea of having a barbie doll. QT adores the new Zendaya doll created by Barbie.

In her down time she loves writing, horseback riding, and bowling. In high school she use to throw kickbacks in her basement. She had a carefree ora on the call which was refreshing. The best advice she’s received so far comes from Neyo on the red carpet at the 2014  BET Hip Hop Awards while reporting for Sprite Pour. “Understand that the music business is that a business…. You’re going to lose a little sleep, but first you have to do what you got to do then you can do what you want to do.”

It was a pleasure listening to QT JAZZ electric spirit. Visit her website for more updates #beachiebeautyapproved

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Andrea Price