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Did you get the album? It’s 90’s feel will have you reminiscing of cross colours and fake pony tails. Lunch at your favorite backyard boogie. Grown and Sexy. Take your love to the next level. Tyrese invited a few bloggers to interview him aboout the Black Rose mission. The message he wants everyone to know is that R&B fans are still here. R&B is alive and well. Play it on mainstream radio. It took him three and a halve years to complete this project independently through his company Voltron Recordz. He grew up with real music like Teddy Pendegrass, The Ojays, Teena Marie and others. R&B is all he knows. When you witness your baby, your genre, becoming extinct when sales are down unless it has 15 rappers on it you don’t get any love.

Singers are starting to rap on their albums just so they can get mainstream air play. You have R&B singers turn their music into house and techno in order to get played on a bigger platform. We don’t tell Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith and Robin Thicke that sing house and pop, flip it in order for it to be played on mainstream radio. Music is music it has no boundaries and no limits it has no sexual preferences. He doesn’t appreciate mainstream radio putting limits on his music when he has 6 billion in box office receipts.

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Did you know that R&B soul category is pre-telecasted before the Grammys so it goes unheard? 

But Black Rose is the exception. It’s R&B soul gives life to the listener. It tells a story and makes you want to live every moment with him. Should mainstream radio play Shame? Yes. It’s raw appeal makes it to the top. It’s 60’s Dead Presidents Era needs to come back to music. Real music.

I was a little taken back when he said that this would be his last album. Why, because the audience needs change.  A change in a love scene and also a change that mainstream radio should play R&B soul. Not just Urban AC and he thanks them for playing his music. This album is number one on the charts that’s sending a message.

Did you know that Tyrese song Stay was #1 on the charts for 11 weeks, Sam Smith had a song called Stay and it was played on all formats of radio.  How is Sam Smith’s song being played on all radio formats and Tyrese’s song Stay that was #1 for 11 weeks only played on Urban AC. He says “Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Sam Smith are all very talented professionals and he loves their music just give him the same respect and play his records on all formats of radio. 

How he chose Shame on being picked on being a single? Tyrese says Shame was a bonafide hit. The song was written by DJ Rogers Jr. produced by Warren Campbell. He was going through a very vulnerable time when this song was presented. He did some things that he was ashamed of. He is very grateful that everyone loves the album. I love this song it should be the confession record of the year.
I asked if he was going to do an International Tour? He’s not going on tour. He has 50/50 custody of his daughter so family is a priority. But would consider it if were heavily sponsored.

A special thank you to Tyrese and his staff for putting together this interview.

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Congrats on Shame being #1 on the Billboard Charts.


I’ll continue my love scene. Off to listen to Album of the Year! #beachiebeautyapproved

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