Summer reading, anyone? The Power of Peace and a Pause #pausewithtdr

Tierra Destiny Reid
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The Power of Peace and a Pause is by far the best inspirational book I have read in a very long time. It’s fresh start to a new beginning has me going goo goo for more. Author Tierra Destiny Reid gives us a special way out and explore our truest selves. You want to describe peace in a sentence or two but the words escape you. Having done the inner work you realise it’s up to you in moving forward. You are enough. It took me all of four hours to read her book, but months to do the work assignments. Let me just say it was fantastic from start to finish.

In it, the author gives exercises on how you can began to sort your inner work. Learning when to pause, how to identify a pause, and maintaining it. This book came at a perfect time. Right after my pause. You don’t realize you need it until it shows up.

While in the pause you must continue to do the work. Writing down your billion ideas that come to mind. Its easy to get side tracked by day to day life that you only get a certain amount of things crossed off your list. Let’s face it you won’t remember everything. So write it down and make it plain.

So you follow the steps, do the inner work, now what? Move with grace to your next big break. This book has taught me to be honest with myself and those around me.

Summer reading has been redefined.

Thanks to the author whom is sweet, kind and a great business entrepreneur. Helping others is her mission. Join in the conversation and pause with Tierra Destiny Reid. Use the hashtag #pausingwithtdr

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The power of peace in a pause

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