Pawleys Island South Carolina

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Pawleys Island is right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s name was adopted after the sons of a European settler, Percival Pawley. Did you know that George Washington visited the island after he was elected. Cool fact, right. Every year around April the family and I would travel to South Carolina from Georgia for spring break. The drive is about 6 hours, with kids its 8 to 9.

Pawley’s Plantation Golf and Country Club was our favorite place to stay. You could rent two or three bedroom villas with a kitchen so you can make home cook meals. Cooking our own food became easier than going to different restaurants with picky eaters. Everyone knows their kids and mine only orders pizza, fries and hamburgers. It doesn’t matter where we would eat. It was always the same three choices. Taking the five to ten minute drive to the beach was the best. The kids loved going to the beach during the day and watching the moonlit ocean at night.

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Here are my top five things to bring while traveling in a car full of kids:

1. DVD player and their favorite movie.

2. Lunch sac with a sandwich, chips, fruit and water.

3. Potty Seat lol it comes in handy when with toddlers.

4. Pillows and Blankets

5. First Aid Kit

You can go on and on with a list for kids but go with the basic’s when traveling in a car for a long period of time.

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Andrea Price