Power Brunch Los Angeles presented by Cadillac #powerbrunchla

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Tacos, Tequila and advice on relationships were all the rage on the Roc RoofTop in Santa Monica on Saturday. It was the perfect setting to learn what you can do differently in the moment to work on yourself as well as get some extra love to your spouse. My husband and I enjoyed the panel’s discussion on how their personal stories were similar but yet different. The public will give you a hand full of crap if you don’t perform to the beat of the drum. The haters will come but it will be up to you to decide whether you want it in your spirit and personal space. It was refreshing to see so many business minded professionals mingle with the goal of helping one another to achieve their goals. I learned that you have to be sweet when your spouse gets home and a shark in the board room.

Power Brunch L.A.

You are both allowed to have good and bad days but allow yourself the space to grow and learn from one another. Growing and changing is apart of the process. When in transition know that your spouse has your back no matter what it looks like. Be there for them when times get rough. Plant the seed and watch it grow. It goes to say you reap what you sow. Be sure you sow wisely.

A special Thank you to Miss Dunnie O and her team for the invite. #beachiebeautyapproved

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