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Warrior One the movie is a film about at risk girls who discover their true selves on a five month adventure in Machu Pichhu, Peru. It was girl empowerment at it’s finest. Jill Wheeler Founder of Wellfit Institute offers coaching, training and mentorship. The Wellfit Institute is catered to one’s individual’s need. Sign up for a course and share your experience. Become a Warrior for change. Read on to learn more about Warrior One the movie and how you can get involved.
Q: How did you decide on telling the story in Peru?
A: Our international expedition partners, Peaks Foundation, had a great connection with a local community and local operator in Peru. It was very important that someone we trusted had gone and tested the waters so we knew our girls would be safe and the trip would be smooth, besides who doesn’t want to go to Machu Pichhu?! We head back with the same organization in early June!
Q: How many total cast and crew members we’re on the trip?
A:We had 21 fly from the U.S.; eleven girls, five mentors and five film crew. Once we were there we integrated with ten Peruvian girls from a local village where we worked with and they joined us on our three day trek through the Sacred Valley. With the back country guides and crew we swelled to almost forty!
Q:Do you ask the girls to do research, on what they would like to see?
A: Yes! This was one of my favorite things we did. The girls did complete small research projects on topics such as the government, ecology, cultural history, weather and significant ruins that they shared with the group prior to leaving.
Q:What do you want the audience to take away from the film?
A: We want the audience to feel inspired by their own lives, that no matter what obstacles come before them, they can turn them into opportunities and climb high in all areas of life. Although the “stars” of this film are girls, it’s an empowering story for anyone who has overcome challenge and self doubt. We also hope it inspires people to get to Peru. It’s beautiful!
Q: How can we sign up?
A: The best way to stay in touch is to sign up for my newsletter at www.WellfitInstitute.com. We have all of our upcoming adventures and leadership trainings announced on our website and in our newsletter. We are currently accepting inquiries for leadership trainings for people interested in bringing the Wellfit Girls leadership program to their community!
Q:When is the next adventure?
A:Our second group of Wellfit Girls leaves for Peru on June 8th.
Warrior One
Photo Courtesy of Warrior One Facebook Page.
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