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Chasing Yesterday is a heart warming film about a young adult who made a mistake and gets washed up by society. The Eric Nelsen plays junior as the lead character he  shows so much range in his ability to win back his life. Courtney Baxter plays Jenny who pushes him to be better than what he thinks about himself. The story is uplifting, and carries the torch of triumph to stay in the race because the victory is already won you just have to believe in yourself.

The parents played an important role in that they stood by their child through thick and thin. Depression is a serious issue if left untreated or nurtured the same can happen to others. I too had depression it was a post-partum.

Did you know that 1 in 8 women suffer the first few months after giving birth to a child? As a mom of six I felt for his parents. Doing any and everything to make what he’s going through right for him. I think the best part of the story is when he decided for himself that it was up to him to get off his ass and win. And he did. Every parent learns differently on what their children want and need. I am certain that the film will be in theater’s near you. The movie was funny and uplifting to watch. I would like to thank Andrea Simmons for sending this great film my way. To the cast and crew it was awesome to see it happen. To the director Joe Pernice Bravo.

The Newport Beach Film Festival provided me with a press pass. All opinions are my own.

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Chasing Yesterday Screen shot

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