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LAX >>>>SEA>>>>PDX>>>>NRT>>>>SIN

She got off to a rough start in landing the biggest interview of her life. You are reminded how precious life is when stepping off a plane in a place you’ve always imagined yourself being. The airport is a boutique mall. It houses the likes of Gucci, Chanel, Hermes to name a few. She does a survey to win a hand towel and sushi eraser to giveaway as a gift. Her first thoughts to go big or go home and nothing was going to stop her from living the dream. Singapore’s financial district was becoming the biggest conglomerate the world will ever see. Each day brought a new possibility. The clock would ring at 6am for coffee and toast. Scheduled for three interviews per day for five days was going to take all she had to carry out her goals. He would meet her in a few days at a nice hotel she booked for two.

As she set off to conquer her fears of being in a foreign country and earning what He had planned, she began to realize that the businesses He planted inside her were coming to fruit. Each person she met was a different part of her own story. It was all coming into an alignment to help her bigger picture. She made to the end of her week of many connections and a promise to herself to live her best life.

He calls her to see where he could fit in her schedule. She picks up the phone with her heart.

Her: Good Morning, what a pleasure to hear from you.

Him: He smiles and says, Meet me at Sofitel So Singapore. Bring that string bikini that I like.

Her: OW!

She had love to look forward to at the end of her busy week. Thinking of only him and how she was going to love him differently. Her heart had begun to fill with love and joy all over again. She wanted to be with him and only him for the rest of her life. She landed the biggest interview of her life and with that she promoted her self to true elegance. Being on cloud nine remained an understatement when arriving at the glamorous Sofitel So Singapore. She gets to the front desk.

Her: Checking in.

She gives the clerk her name. The clerk hands her the key. She had booked a VIP suite with a view. It elated her spirit that he had been so thoughtful to check in early. All she ever wanted was starting to take place. All her dreams were coming true. She puts the key in the door. Her bags and flowers she had carried dropped to the floor. He was in the shower and his estranged side piece lay in the bed. She waited until the shower turned off to listen to him make plans for the day with her, telling her the things he told her. The moment when the bathroom door opens and he sees his me. Tyrese song “Dumb Shit” starts playing in the background. With his mouth clearly on the ground. She tells him to pick his face up cause that’s the last time he’ll see love. She walks out with her head held high she doesn’t question the goodbye.


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