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Long Beach Convention Center hosted The Travel Adventure Show Los Angeles

The Travel Adventure Show in Los Angeles was a perfect way to start me on my travel journey. It was filled with loads of information for everyone to get on board to experience a different world. In just a few hours India, Malaysia, Guam, Thailand, China, Guatemala and Europe were a purchase ticket away to paradise. Why Asia? The following week I would embark on a journey of discovery to Singapore. I wanted to know everything their was about the new traveler. Did you know that you can purchase clothing items with pockets so you don’t have to carry a purse? Check out this Women’s Trench Coat. It’s comfortable, stylish, it has 18 pockets and protects your valuables at the same time.


I missed Rick Steves speak but I did get to meet him which was more than a treat. I’m a big fan of his work around the world. I especially loved his Europe series and got the dvd when visiting his booth. We even took a selfie. Cool right?

Selfie with Rick Steves


Mid-afternoon I saw Samantha Brown. Her inspiration for travel came from James Bond movies. Cape Cod has a special place in her heart, being that her mom would let her stay up late and have ice cream for dinner. A special tip when traveling with your phone. That sign of no service. You try and buy the international phone cards to phone home and it hangs up on you each time when you try and dial outside of the country. Believe it or not Skype saved my pants. I could purchase skype mintues and make calls. I could even video chat with my kids which made me the coolest mom ever. Samantha Brown recommended app it allows you to see maps of where you are, hotels, restuarants and other tourist adventures. Did you know that you can preload foreign language phrases into Google translate? It’s always good to be prepared when saying good morning or how was your day to someone, you might just brighten their day. A very special thank you to Lifestyle Bloggers National Conference for the opportunity.

Samantha Brown and I


Congrats to China and Taiwan booths for winning Best in Show.

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Andrea Price

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