Citadel Outlets #lbnc15



Citadel Outlets offer an experience like no other. Shopping, dining, work space, and a cozy place to stay at the Double Tree Hotel. I was recently at a media event where you were whisked off to the swanky VIP lounge for appetizers, drinks and networking. Just outside of Downtown, Los Angeles you’re sure not to miss this Assyrian palace next to the 5 freeway. They have all the major stores at 30-70% off retail prices. I was given a gift card and with it I bought a nice father’s day gift.

VIP Lounge

I love their newest program “Shop til you drop off at LAX” the package includes hassle-free transportation and complimentary luggage check for travelers to take advantage of the often lost hours between hotel checkout and their departing flight at LAX. For pricing and services included in the package and to stay up to date with events Citadel Outlets gives throughout the year visit: website

A special thank you to Citadel Outlets for the invite and to the Lifestyle National Conference for being the wheel to excellence.