Moving to Singapore


Happily Ever After…

They began the day with breakfast with the kids in the hotel’s restaurant.

Him: Would you like to go to the spa today? I can have the sitter take the kids and it can be all about us.

Her: I’d love that. Are you all set for work?

Him: Yes. After breakfast we can take the kids to Sentosa Island to play have lunch and then go to the spa.

Her: Sounds like a plan.

Breakfast with the kids went smooth. They pack up to travel to Sentosa Island so the kids can have quality time. The sitter and her beau tag along for the adventure. They find a place to get cozy for the afternoon until the boss and mrs. have their time with the kids.

Sitter’s Beau: I really enjoy being with you.

Sitter: I really enjoy being with you.

Sitter’s Beau: Can we have dinner tomorrow night?

Sitter: Sure. Let me see if I’ll be free to mingle.

She goes over to find her boss to ask about tomorrow night. The sitter’s beau finds himself in awe of her beachie beauty. That he goes over to the nearby swimsuit shop and gets her a bikini.

Sales girl: Would you like your swimsuit gift wrapped for an extra $5?

Sitter’s Beau: Yes, please. Do you have wrapping paper that matches the suit?

Sales girl: We do. You can choose from these colors here.
The sales girl shows the sitter’s beau an array of colors to choose from while the sitter looks for the boss. He pays for the gift and walks to the flower shop. He order’s a bouquet of orange poppies to be delivered to their hotel room. After paying for flowers he notices the sitter running towards him. Can you also have this gift box sent with the flowers?

Sales boy: Yes, sir. It will arrive later this evening.

Sitter’s Beau: Thanks! (Walks out the flower shop just in time)

Sitter: Did you find anything?

Sitter’s Beau: No, just looking around. So what’s the verdict?

Sitter: We’re all set for tomorrow night.

The Boss and Mrs. arrive back at the hotel with the kids in tow. They call the sitter.

Him: We will be ready in a few for the spa. Can you come by at 4?

Sitter: Sure, see you then.

Her: Let’s get the newly engaged couple a gift. I mean they really have done a great job with the kids. This whole trip has been a dream.

Him: Sure. Anything you want Bunny.

Arriving at the spa for a couple’s scrub and massage, she couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked. Her: You look divine. I want to eat you up.

Him: Hey Beautiful. Gold couldn’t match your beauty. Let’s go to dinner after the spa.

She smiles and nods her head yes to his request for dinner. They get to a posh place in town. The richest man in Singapore is sitting near them. A waiter comes over with a bottle of the restaurants best champagne.

Waiter: The gentleman across the way has sent this to you for being his one millionth diners.

Him: Tell him the Mrs. and I thank him for his hospitality.

Her: This is our lucky night.

Him: Do you remember how we met?

Her: A girl never forgets.

Him: I remember seeing you at a New Year’s Eve party.

Her: I danced so hard the strap to my purse broke and I dropped everything on the floor. My pager included. Your friend picked up that pager, he left a message on the voicemail telling me if I wanted it back that I would have to get it from a friend of his who was still in town. You left me a message. I called you. We set up a time to get the pager and I never left your side.

Him: Wow you do remember the story. You know what happened next.

Her: According to you we…..

Him: Made love all night.

Her: I don’t remember that. But you like to story so we’ll go with it.

Him: That’s what happened. Since then I have grown to love and admire you elegance. You are the lady of my eye. The woman of my dreams and the wife I have always hoped to have. You are an extraordinary mom and I love you for being you. Thank you for spending your life with me.

Her: Thank you for spending your life with me. And for being the man that knows he’s loved and cared for every day. Thank you for being the highlight of my life and the husband I longed for since I was in my teens. Thank you for being a great papa to our children.

Him: As our vacation comes to a close, let’s spend it loving and caring for one another. When we get back to the states, I plan on moving right away.

Her: You are my happily ever after…..

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