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Building Our Dreams….

A few weeks ago my husband gave me a deed to land he had purchased in Singapore. It was so romantic the way he presented the note to me. It was gift wrapped in postal paper with the island drawn on the front. The faux keys were to the house I am to build on the property. He is so thoughtful. I love me some him. Today we will go out and see our land. We are going to source out developers to make our dreams a reality.

Him: Can you take care of the kids today?

Sitter: Sure. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me last night. My beau proposed.

Him: Best wishes to the bride. Let him know I said congratulations and welcome to the club.

Sitter: I will. What time did you want me over?

Him: Can you start in the next hour?

Sitter: Yes. See you guys soon.

Him: Bunny, the sitter will be here in the next hour. Be sure to have everyone ready.

Her: Sure thing.

The sitter arrives with her beau in arms to take care of the five kids. We stop for a quick lunch before riding the local train. As we make our way to the city we couldn’t help but notice skyscraper buildings, boutique hotels and the amazing city atmosphere. We get to the land and it was all she dreamed it would be. It’s right in the heart of the city. Shopping district and schools are nearby not to mention that the beach is in walking distance.

Him: Here we are. What do you think?

Her: I love it! It’s all I dreamed it would be. How did you pick the location?

Him: I’m so glad you like it. I did lots of research and bidding to get this particular property.

Her: Do you have any developers in mind for this project? Because I know you did your homework.

Him: We have an appointment late this afternoon to see someone.

Her: Really?! Let’s walk the property to get a feel for it.

As they walk the property. Another couple notices them and comes by to tell them hello. It turns out the couple owns a real estate developing firm.

Couple: We can draw up some sketches this afternoon for you to view.

Him: That would be great.

Her: Do you have a business card? Where is your office located? Are you local?

Couple: Here is our card. We are local and located not far from here. We have been looking at this property for about 2 weeks.

Him: We will be in touch. Thanks for stopping by.

Couple: We look forward to hearing from you.

Her: It was great meeting you.

They continued to walk around the property. It was time to go to the developer’s office. They get to the office and it was the couple they had run into near the property.

Couple: Had I known that it was you we had an appointment with, we would have brought the sketches to the property. Since were not far, would you like to do that?

Him: Sure

Her: Sure

Him: (whispering to her) I don’t know about these two.

Her: Let’s see what kind of designs they have. If it’s not worth it, then we’ll know.

Him: OK

Sketch after sketch. The developers could not sell the new owners on a single idea.

Couple: What are you looking to do with the property?

Her: Building Our Dreams……

Stay tune for the next blogisode…… Moving to Singapore

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