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Beach walking is so romantic…..

They get to the small island just in time to go to the beach early.

Him: Let’s check-in the hotel before going to the beach.

Her: Sure the kids are tired from the trip and cleaning them up from the plane and airport is a must.

Him: What would you like to do later?

Her: Be with you. Where ever you are.

Him: You are such a sweetheart bunny.

Kids: We want to go to the beach!

Her: In a few minutes.

Sitter: We’ll be next door. Call me on my cell when you’re ready for me.

Him: We’ll do. Thanks for all you do for our family.

The sitter’s beau pulls him aside and tells him how he wants to propose to the sitter. He asks if he knows of any romantic restaurants in the area. He gave the sitter’s beau some advice and the family was off to the beach. After the beach the family went back to the villa to relax before dinner.

Sitter Beau: What will I say to her? She means the world to me. I hope she doesn’t find out what I’m doing.

Sitter’s Beau calls the restaurant and makes reservations for the evening. He let her boss know of his plans. The entire crew went to dinner so the sitter wouldn’t be suspicious of what was going on. The ambience was nice and serene. The family eats dinner and goes back to the villa to turn in for the night.

Sitter’s Beau: I really love how your boss includes you on family activities. I know that means the world to you. Being in Singapore has allowed me to experience something old something new and truly something blue. When we met the spark in your eyes showed me that love existed and that if I believed in love at first sight that I should go for it. I’m glad I took the risk. He turns to her after eating a raspberry tart with vanilla bean ice cream. He takes out the ring. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?

The sitter sits in utter dismay. Not knowing what to do or say. Everything is happening so fast that the waiter and head chef comes over……

Sitter: Yes! I’ll marry you.

The chef gives them a complimentary meal and says that if they come back tomorrow evening the dinner will be on him.

Sitter: Dinner was fantastic.

Sitter’s Beau: Let go for a walk on the beach.

Sitter: Beach walking is so romantic.

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