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I long to hold you in my arms…..

Him: Im off to work, did you need anything before I go?
Her: Just your sweet kisses for the day.
Him: Done.

He walks out to his car and waves goodbye.

Him: I ordered my tux and her gown, changed our flight reservation and booked the best hotel in Singapore.
Her: Breakfast is just about done. Turkey bacon, grits, seasonal fruit bowl and orange juice for the kids. Homeschool materials printed out for the older four and flash cards for the youngest. Can one of you bri.g mommy a pencil? Reading books are set to go for the afternoon. What am I preparing for lunch? How about spaghetti tacos?, says EJ. Um I’ll have to think about that one.
Him: I need to go pick up the ring.

Her: Lunch for the kids? Regular tacos ej and we’ll have spaghetti for dinner.

EJ: Ok mom.

Her: Science Fair is coming up. State testing and I have just had it with online work for the week. When is spring break?

Him: Picked the ring up from Van Cleef and Arpels . I can’t forget shoes for the Mrs. and a mini clutch for that to die for lipstick she raves about. I wonder if she’s thinking of me.

Her: Grabs phone. Send a text message to him (thinking of you)

Him: He texts back (love ya taking a walk soon, and calling)

Her: I can’t wait to see him.

Him: She’s going to be so surprised when I come home.

Her: Lunch is out-of-the-way. The reading assignments for the kids are finished. Science fair projects researched and materials list is almost done.

Him: (Calling her) Hey Bunny

Her: Hey Hot Stuff

Him: Can you get a sitter tonight for the kids?

Her: Um, Sure. (I wonder why he needs a sitter) Are you having a good day?

Him: Yes, It’s going according to plan. And yours?

Her: Everything is going well. The kids and I are heading out for the park. I will give the sitter a call for tonight. What time?

Him: 6 ish

Her: Where are we going?

Him: Grins over the phone. (She notices that grand piano smile anywhere.) OH, it’s a surprise. I’ll see you this evening. Love you.

Her: Love you more see ya soon.

Her: Calls sitter to schedule. No one picks up. In a panic she keeps calling wondering what the surprise may be or if he’s just pulling another burger stop date. Ha!

Sitter: HELLO!

Her: Can you watch the kids tonight? It’s important.

Sitter: I had plans.

Her: It’s important. You know I wouldn’t call if it wasn’t.

Sitter: I know. What time?

Her: Can you be here at 5?

Sitter: Sure. See ya then.

Sitter: Calls boyfriend. Can we reschedule I have a gig?

Sitter’s Beau: Thinking to himself (I was going to propose tonight) Um, Sure. Can we do it this weekend? I long to hold you in my arms….

Sitter: That’s so sweet. And yes, let’s make it a date. (They both hang up the phone.)

Her: Its 1:30 and I have to put on dinner and shave my legs, pits and cha-cha before he gets here. Not in that order.

She runs to the kitchen to put on dinner and the kids run up all five with questions.

Ej: have you seen my iPod?

Her: No

LC: Can I use your charger for my iPOD?

Her: Sure JR: Does these pants go with this shirt? Or do you think that this brown shirt is better with these pants?

Her: Try the brown shirt with your favorite orange pants.

CC: Mama for my birthday I want an iPOD. Can I have an iPOD?

Her: UM, YES.

LB: Mama, Can I change my shirt? LC won’t give me his iPOD.

Her: Change your shirt and LC give her your iPOD.

LC: But, I’m playing with it. (Starts crying)

Her: Stop that crying LC and let LB use it for about 5 minutes. LB you only get 5 minutes on LC’s iPOD. Is that clear.

LB: ok

Her: I need fresh garlic for the sauce. The pasta is boiling. Marinara sauce over pasta. Dinner is done. EJ watch your sister and brother’s while I get in the shower.

EJ: ok mama. Did you want me to give them something to eat?

Her: That would be a great help. Thanks dahlin’

EJ: You’re welcome mama.

Her: Runs to the shower to shave her cha-cha, legs and pits. I need to shampoo my hair. (Yells to kids, what time is it?)

Kids: Its 4:30

Her: The sitter will be here in thirty minutes I have to get a rush on it.


Him: I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You have made me the happiest man on earth. I should have written this speech months ago. I’ll just go with what’s in my heart. Tux, gown, all accessories, plane tickets, hotel info. Holy crap I forgot to book a rental car. Oh, wait what am I thinking we can take public transportation anywhere on the island. Dinner for two at Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills.

It is now five. The sitter is surprisingly on time.

Her: Thanks for being on time. I appreciate you more than you know.

Sitter: No, prob. Glad I could help. How long will you be out?

Her: A few hours. You will get your regular rate. If anything changes, I’ll let you know.

He arrives in his tux with calle lilies and seven gift boxes wrapped in her favorite postal paper. Each box has a drawing of different places they have been around the world. She’s caught by surprise and wondering what the occasion may be.

Him: I wanted to surprise you with a special dinner.

Her: You look divine. I don’t have an evening gown to match your fancy tux.

He hands over two of the seven gifts. The first gift box has the Eiffel tower drawn on it and the other Negril, Jamaica. The kids are going wild seeing their papa in his black tux.

EJ: Papa you look good.

LC,JR,CC,LB: Yeah, papa you look good.

Her: Takes the gifts in her hands. Opens the bigger one. OMG! You got me an evening gown.

EJ: what color is it mama?

Her: It’s red. With shoes to match. OMG!

Sitter: Is sitting mad that she had to cancel her date. (I thought this was important)

Him: We have a reservation. I’d like to leave soon.

He gives her 3 more gifts boxes as she runs to the room to ready herself for the big date. New York, Florida and Canada is drawn on the boxes. He’s trying to figure out what he’ll say to her during dinner.

Her: I love it. OMG! I love surprises. She opens each gift one by one. She nearly faints when she sees the diamond incrusted clutch, a set of diamond earrings and a barrier reef diamond necklace. OMG! DIAMONDS!!!!

Him: When you’re dressed I’ll help you put them on.

She runs over to kiss him in admiration. It had been the first time they both felt like kids in many years. She gets dressed and her diamonds filled the night sky with light. They kiss the kids and tell the sitter they will be back in a few hours. The luxury town car sitting outside was filled with red rose petals and chocolates.

Driver: Good Evening Ma’am. May this night be one that will last a lifetime.

He gives the driver thumbs up for delivering the perfect line.

Her: It has been one magically start to the evening. I feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman the only difference is that I’m a married gal with kids oh and I’m not a whore.

The driver laughs his pants off. That’s the perfect joke Ma’am.

Her: Thanks.

Him: (Thinking to himself, Where did I put the ring)

They are off to the restaurant…. She’s trying to see what’s in the other two gift boxes. He asks the driver to put in her favorite Maxwell cd. She’s over the moon with joy that she forgets to put her favorite lipstick in her diamond clutch.

Her: Ok I probably won’t need it this evening.

Him: Need what?

Her: My favorite lipstick I swear by.

Him: Driver, Can you take us back to this house?

Driver: Sure, Sir.

He runs into the house to get her lipstick she swears by and finds the ring on the dresser.

Him: I’m glad she didn’t see this.

He runs back to the car to give her the lipstick.

Her: Thanks hunny, you’re the best.

Arriving at Mr. Chow’s, she’s surprised to see that he rented out half the place for them to dine and dance. The walk through was exceptional. All eyes were on them. Getting to the table she’s trying not to cry so she doesn’t ruin her makeup. He order dinner and drinks. He hands over the two gifts after dinner. They both have drawings of Singapore islands on them. She opens one and with a surprise look.

Her: We’re going to Singapore?!

Tickets to the little island for 10 days are nestled next to the keys of the villa.

Her: OMG! Thank you, Universe!

Him: Please take these gifts as a thank you for being a great wife, mother, and my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without you. Tonight I want to honor our union. Would you accompany me to Singapore for an island romance?

She rushes to open up the second gift. She nearly drops the gift on the ground…….

Her: Is this what I think it is?

Him: YES, it is.

The second gift is the deed purchase of land in Singapore near the bay.

Her: This is all I ever dreamed of…….

They talked and talked about all things Singapore. She asks him when he had all this time to plan such a wonderful getaway. He said on his lunch breaks. She began to laugh cry and say thank you over and over.

Him: May I have this dance?

Her: Yes, you may.

He leads her to the dance floor and asks that the restaurant to open it up to the rest of the guests. She dances the night away when she closes her eyes and finds him on one knee.

Him: When I met you at 32 I knew that you were the one for me. You are everything I hoped and dreamed for and being the only child I knew that I wanted a big family and I’m so ecstatic that it happen with you. You make me weak to my knees. I wake and go to bed with you on my mind. You are the essence of love. You’re my divinity in motion.

He takes out the ring….

Him: Will you make me the happiest man and say you’ll marry me again?

She’s standing there in utter shock.

Her: YES!

The crowd goes wild in the restaurant.

Him: Let’s get home. I long to hold you in my arms…….

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